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The best tattoo stencil machine is great for copying any design on the skin within a moment. In this review, I’ve selected the seven coolest modern Thermal Copier Printer for you.


Are you looking for a great performance tattoo printer that can copy any design?

After long prior analysis from many tattoo design communities and interviewing from experts, finally, I’m giving you a perfect guide.

Before selecting each model, I’ve considered them deeply at many sides, that is mandatory for a perfect model. So if you don’t want to waste your money with the wrong tattoo stencil machine, It can be a perfect review for you.

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What are the best tattoo stencil machines?

In this part, I’ve summarized all parts in short of my research so that you will understand in short which I’ve selected for you.

  • Best For Beginners: BMX Fast Thermal Copier Tattoo Transfer Machine

(A Light Weight Simple easy-operate Thermal Transfer for Beginners)

  • Best for Stencil Transfer Paper: Life Basis Stencil Transfer Machine With 600 Design.

(Comes with ten best free transfer page and 600 coolest design )

  • 3. Best For Deep Color: BIOMASER Thermal Printer Tattoo Transfer Stencil.

(A popular lightweight best heavy performance printer tattoo )

  • Best for Professional Uses: Beoncall Multifunctional Tattoo Transfer Printer Machine

(A multifunctional tattoo printer that can be used for the professional purpose)

  • Overall Best: Semme Thermal Stencil A5 and A4 Paper Tattoo Transfer Machine

(A Good overall model that come from the popular brand)

  • Rising Model: CARESHINE Thermal Copier Stencil Printer for For Professional Tattooist.

(Manufactured by eco-friendly ABS material, perfect uses professionally )

  • Best for carrying: Carejoy Best Smart Portable Stencil.

(The best portable mini Thermal Copier that can be operated by smartphone)

7 Best Thermal Tattoo Stencil Machines Review

Before selecting products for reviews, I’ve taken a direct interview with my professional tattooist friend. So every review is going to be valuable for you. Also, the below reviews have an excellent guide that I’ve found after in-depth research.

1. Best For Beginners: BMX Fast Thermal Copier Tattoo Transfer Machine

BMX Fast Thermal Copier Tattoo Transfer Machine

As a beginner, do you want to draw your favorite design on your skin without tattoo art knowledge? A simple Thermal Printer machine can help you for copying and paste your favorite design on your screen. The portable BMX stencil is an ideal suggestion for you.

This machine can copy any simple design faster. But complicated color or shadow design isn’t perfect. It can just perfectly copy any simple line-drawn designs.

The printer size is 13 x 11 x 5 inches, and its weight is 4 lbs that are perfect for transportation. So while you will travel, you can take it with you in a backpack.. It comes with a simple 4-5 operating button that can easily operate you without the knowledge to following vendor manual.

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Also, the 12 Months warranty will give you more secure uses. So as a beginner artist, this Stencil Machine is recommended for you.

The good thing what i like
  • Can fastly copy the design from any paper.
  • For Lightweight, it can be easily transportable anywhere.
  • It can be easy to operate with a few simple buttons.
  • 12 Months warranty and unlimited customers support from the vendor.
The bad thing what i dislike
  • Can’t draw the perfectly complicated design.

2. Best for Stencil Transfer Paper: Life Basis Stencil Transfer Machine With 600 Design.

Life Basis Stencil Transfer Machine With 600 Design

I think right now you are looking for many gorgeous tattoo designs. Or you are searching coolest tattoo design on Google.

Would you like 600 coolest design collections? Okay, I’m not telling you to purchase this Printer. Go on its product page and check the description bottom. You will find a Dropbox storage link and visit there to get 600 coolest tattoo collections.

The Lifebasis Stencil Transfer machine is accrued satisfaction to near the many users for excellent copying any designs.

Also, thanks to Lifebasis for giving ten pieces of Transfer Paper for free. So it can be great for excellent customer support with a two years warranty.

The good thing what i like
  • Comes with ten free Stencil Transfer Paper.
  • Supports A4 and A5 sizes paper.
  • Offers 1-year replacement guarantee Support.
  • Lightweight and excellent fast operations.
The bad thing what i dislike
  • It can’t detect shadow drawing.

3. Best For Deep Color: BIOMASER Thermal Printer Tattoo Transfer Stencil.

BIOMASER Thermal Printer Tattoo Transfer Stencil

A simple, stable performance Stencil Tattoo Transfer Machine can be perfect for any deep color design. The BIOMASER has been designed for a smooth deep color lining design.

The best portable Stencil Tattoo Transfer can copy 99% of any deep solid color design without losing resolution. But not perfect for shadow copying. Cause it perfectly copies any deep color without shadow.

It can be operated without heating, with lower sound, also fast speed. That is super perfect as the best professional old-school model.

The manufacturers offer an 18-month warranty support guarantee. Also with 90 days refund guarantee is perfect for risk-free purchasing. A lot of tattooists are so pleased with this Stencil Maker.

The good thing what i like
  • Can 99% Smoothly copy and paste any solid drawing.
  • Fast printing setting.
  • Simple operation without professional skill.
  • It doesn’t get hot and has a higher sound.
The bad thing what i dislike
  • Not for shadow copying.

4 Best for Professional Uses Beoncall Multifunctional Tattoo Transfer Printer Machine.

Best for Professional Uses Beoncall Multifunctional Tattoo Transfer Printer Machine

Beoncall is a professional thermal tattoo transfer machine for heavy-duty. It is allowed to fast tattoo transfer within a minute with high resolution.

The thermal copier part is made of environment-friendly ABS materials. that are safe and most durable for a long-last.

Maximum tattoo transfer has an overheating problem. But this Beoncall machine will not overheat even after many printing. A transfer paper sheet, a power cable, and an operation instruction are covered in the package. For the quick speed feature, it can be used for a bulk amount without any hassle.

This multifunctional tattoo transfer machine is best for business purposes. Like other traditional tattoo stencil devices, you don’t need to replace its ink or parts.

The bad thing what i dislike
  • After a long time of use, it needs to stop cooling down.

5. Overall Best: Semme Thermal Stencil A5 and A4 Paper Tattoo Transfer Machine.

Semme Thermal Stencil A5 and A4 Paper Tattoo Transfer Machine

Semme is a popular brand in the tattoo industry for its black thermal stencil printer. It is mainly designed for conventional photocopy and tattoo paper. This machine is allowed to design on A4 and A5 paper.

You can choose the design between mirror image or photo. This machine is not very heavy that can easily operate and maintain. And You can get your copy within just a second.

It can’t use continuously, and it needs to cool down after a long time of using it. It has featured a single sound or error light that will help you immediately stop it if any error happens.

For getting the best coping result, you have to take a few flowing steps. You can follow the user manual instruction, which is added with it.

The good thing what i like
  • It offers super faster and high-level transfer printing.
  • It provides faster transfer speed with little noise.
  • This device comes with an LED light button for setting the multiple functions.
  • It is easily carried out anywhere for its Lightweight.
The bad thing what i dislike
  • When this machine is hot, then you need to stop it.

6. Rising Model: CARESHINE Thermal Copier Stencil Printer for For Professional Tattooist.

CARESHINE Thermal Copier Stencil Printer for For Professional Tattooist.

If you want an environmentally friendly Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine that lasts long. In that case, I’d highly recommend buying this Printer because the machine is made of high-quality ABS stuff, that is reliable and eco-friendly. This material is also durable for long-term use.

What will you get after unboxing it?

A tattoo high-quality transfer machine, one plug, an Instruction manual, and a transfer paper.

And it is lightweight and small sizes Copier, that’s why easy to carry with took anywhere. The transfer printing speed of this machine is very fast. It provides minimum heat and low noise.

All over, the performance of this machine is really commendable. It will transfer exactly the same design that you want.

Specially, This brand always tries to keep in touch with all customers for any suggestions or help if they need it.

The good thing what i like
  • It is an environmental machine.
  • It is a professional machine for all tattoo artists.
  • This machine is easy to use.
  • It is very convenient to carry.
The bad thing what i dislike
  • Need to operate it carefully.

7. Best Portable: Carejoy Best Smart Stencil Machine.

Carejoy Best Smart Stencil Machine

If you want a Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine that is easy to carry whenever you want, then Carejoy Thermal Copier is perfect for you because it is light weighted and tiny in size. But really useful.

What will you get with this package?

1 pcs transfer stencil machine, a power adapter, a USB cable, a U disk, and a storage bag.

It has four different touch keys for separate functions. That will make your task easier.

This product has featured sleep mode. If it requires no paper feeding, no data receiving, and no operations, you can set the Printer to sleep mode and reduce the power consumption.

This Tattoo Transfer Machine is made of High-Grade material. So It will provide a clear image than the other traditional hand printers. It is a very tiny and stylish one and is mostly used for its mini-sized design, although the price is higher than the regular model.

It supports client-side and hotspot for wireless LAN connection. That can print paper from Mobile Phone.

How does a tattoo stencil machine work?

From the user’s community, I found that many guys don’t know how stencil machines work. So I think you have to understand about its works.

A stencil machine works with Thermal Copier technology. The Transfer Paper has two different parts, one is colored, and the other is blank.

The Machine copies from the designed paper by scanning. Then it makes chemical reactions on the color part. And on the other part, the design stands out becomes clear.

The lines of the design parts are heated, and it is easily added permanently to human skin.

How to use a tattoo stencil machine?

Operating a stencil machine is too easier for everyone. But many guys don’t know how to operate this printer. They try to use it by reading from a vendor manual. Some manuals are unclear, so many users waste 2-3 papers the first time uses.

If you don’t know using a Thermal stencil machine, it’s an important tutorial for you.

Step 1: Select your design and draw it on black paper. Or Print out your favorite design from your computer, tab, or mobile.

Note: Maximum Stencil does not support shadow or a complex and micro pattern. So keep trying solid lines design to get a high-resolution design; if you want to take the design from “Google Image Search,” select “Line Drawing” or “Clip Art” type.

Step 2: Peel out the protective part from Transfer Paper. And put the yellow side on the mouth of the thermal Printer.

Step 3: Put your design on the document section and set up the copy mode (Mirror or Simple). Press the copy button and wait to get the design.

Step 4: Now, put on the Transfer Paper on your skin, and gently press on the paper with your skin. After 8-10 seconds later peel it from your skin and look at your design.

How to Choose a Perfect Tattoo Stencil Machine?

A Stencil Machine is simple, easier, and comes with common features. But here have some considerations that can help you become more expert about this machine. And you can choose the best Stencil Tattoo printer for yourself.


To make your design smooth, a High-Resolution Thermal printer can print out clear lines. Although it isn’t estimated by resolution, being smooth is a must.

So ask the manufacturer or user whether that machine can copy smoothly or not.

Easy Operate:

The operating system of a tattoo stencil machine should be easier than a regular printer. Avoid that which operating method is complicated.

And normal Thermal Tattoo Kit Copier has 4-5 buttons for operation.

Lightweight and Portable:

Always a lightweight and portable Tattoo Kit Copier Printer is best for comfortably use. Its big advantage is lower cost, easy maintenance, and operation, also in anywhere. Some are too portable that is easy to fit into your hand.

Smart Feature:

Some modern Thermal Printers come with smart features. Those can be operated from a phone or tablet without a wired connection. These can convert your virtual design to transfer paper.

So then don’t need to print or draw on white paper before converting on transfer paper.


Can I copy the design directly from my computer?

You can copy it directly with some smart feature machine. But a normal one can’t do it directly before starting a simple paper.

Which type of Printer is used for tattoo stencils?

You can use any type of printer that can copy a clear design. Also, without a printer, you can make designs by hand drawing.

Is a printed Tattoo is permanent?

No, It lasts 2-3 weeks.

Bottom Line:

About the best tattoo stencil machine in this post, I’ve explained everything to you. If you have come after reading the whole article, that means now you are an expert about a Thermal Copier Printer. Also, you’ve enjoyed these reviews and in-depth guides, so don’t forget to share it on your social page.

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