Does Numbing Cream Work For Tattoos

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Does Numbing Cream Work For Tattoos
Does Numbing Cream Work For Tattoos

Are you afraid of needles poke while tattooing? So you are looking for an alternative solution to reduce pain. But I think you are so confused about whether does numbing cream work for tattoos, right?

Does numbing cream work for tattoos
Does numbing cream work for tattoos

Most of the artists don’t express encouragement for the use of numb cream, they refuse it. So newer become confused about using the Cream. 

Don’t worry, In this article, I’ve described in detail about numbing cream works. Also, I have given you the perfect solution and guideline too. So after reading this article you will get fully clear information about the cream.

What is Numbing Cream?

What is Numbing Cream
What is Numbing Cream

Numbing is such a cream, after massaging on the skin, this makes some nerves useless temporarily. So while you get tattooing, this activity reduces your pain. Normally, during tattooing the needle poke, it causes much pain, which everybody can’t tolerate. Somebody cannot Implement their tattooing dreams despite their strong desire for pain. So it can reduce skin pain during needle poking.

How to work Numbing Cream?

Numbing cream working depends on its type of ingredients. Most of the cream is made of three types of mixed ingredients. And before purchasing an ideal numb cream you have to ensure the presenting of these. Otherwise it won’t work properly on your skin.

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1. Nerve Deadeners.

The Nerve Deadeners ingredient is like Lidocaine, which temporarily kills the skin nerve to prevent pain. It’s awesome but it can’t work deeply on the skin. And for tattooing, the needle needs to inserting the 2nd layer of skin. So it can’t reduce painfully, it works just like 5% for tattooing. 

2. Nerve Blockers.

Nerve Blockers is included with tetracaine ingredients. This chemical ingredient can’t fully block the nerves. That means nerves can make resistance prevent blocking. But it can block sending the pain signal in the brain.

This ingredient is a combination of Nerve Deadeners.

3. Vasoconstrictors

Vasoconstrictors are a powerful numb ingredient to anti-pain. It includes an epinephrine mixer, that compresses the blood vessel and reduces blood flow. Also, this ingredient makes slow down absorption, which means when you mix it with another numbing ingredient, it works for a long time.

And epinephrine works quickly & safely.

Most of the gel and spray that are in the market, come with these three powerful numb ingredients.

How to Use Tattoo Numbing Cream?

If you want to do fully pain-free tattooing you need to take the right ways. So you can follow below these steps.

Select the right cream for Tattooing:

All numb cream doesn’t work well for reducing tattoo pain. So you have to ensure the right cream. Check the presence of percentage, these ingredients (epinephrine, lidocaine, tetracaine). A numbing cream without epinephrine ingredients doesn’t work well. So make sure this ingredient in which cream you are going to use.

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Wash the Numbing Area of Skin:

Before numbing the skin you need to remove oil and dead cells from the numb area. So you can use green soap. But it has little alcohol that can make acidic and stop working of numbing cream. 

To avoid this problem you can use numbing wash spray to make natural PH on the skin. And it will work more effectively.

Apply cream:

After washing, massage the cream on the numb area. And then need to wait up to 30 minutes. It depends on cream ingredients and skin type & thicker. To fully ensure the numbing you can wait for 30 minutes.

Wash the Cream:

After complete numbing, don’t need to keep it anymore on the skin. And it can cause irritation on dead numbed skin. So before tattooing wash it with fresh water.

Constantly Spray after each 15-20 minutes later:

You know the numbing cream isn’t for a long time, after 15-20 later its effects reduce. So you need to do spay after 15-20 later, to keep it in order.

What are the bad effects of Numbing Cream?

Numbing cream isn’t something that is used regularly. So after using it doesn’t have too much effect. Or it can’t have any long time effect. But don’t use a large amount of it, so follow the user manual.

Why Tattooist doesn’t use Numbing Cream?

You know that most tattooists don’t use numbing cream for their clients. It has many reasons, but the main fact is tradition. Some artists think pain is a part of tattooing. If anyone doesn’t get a feeling of needle poke pain, it won’t be meaningful. And also they don’t care about its importance.

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This is the main anti-numbing cream of many experts. So they don’t massage numbing cream on their client’s skin.

Bottom Line:

Here I’ve described everything about Numbing cream’s work for tattoos. I think you got that whether it works or not. And how it works, also about the user guide of it too. So now your thinking is clear about it.

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