How Much Does It Cost To Get A Tattoo?

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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Tattoo
How Much Does It Cost To Get A Tattoo

If you are planning a Tattoo for the first time, it’s important how much does it cost to get a tattoo, right? 

Tattoo is not only one kind, but there also have many variations. So it is impossible to say tattoo cost within a sentence. 

Usually, tattoo cost is estimated by hourly rate. And the average hourly rate is $50 to $100. Hourly rates have variation also. The variation depends on the Artist’s skill, design complexity, and many more.

So in this article, I’m going to discuss everything about these matters. I hope after reading this, you will get a proper idea about your targeted tattoo cost.

How does a tattoo artist determine the cost?

How does a tattoo artist determine the cost
How does a tattoo artist determine the cost

Before understanding the cost, you have to know how it is counted. Usually, an artist charges 2-3 ways, but maximally it is hourly. So understanding first the billing ways.

Tattoo Cost Per Hour

The cost of tattoos is typically dependent on the skill level and duration. Tattoo artists charge anywhere between $75-250 per hour, with an average hourly rate being around $120-$150 depending on complexity and design types.

Also, it can be up down as the artist experience level. For example, 1-3 years experienced beginner artist charges $50 to $100 per hour. 

An established artist that has over five years of experience charges over $100 to $200 per hour. If you go more experienced, like over 10 years experienced tattooists, they will take a minimum of $150, but should not be over $250.

Also, if you target a famous tattooist in your City, they usually charge $250 to $500 for each hour. you can calculate your tattoo charge with this tattoo cost calculator.

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Tattoo Cost Per Letter

Typically artists don’t charge per letter. But if your design is a letter base, they consider it as per the letter.

Getting one single word tattoo that covers only two to four square inches costs $50 to $200. It depends on the size of the letters and how many hours it takes for an artist. 

Small Tattoo Cost

If you want to draw a small tattoo, like a symbol or a logotype, it is considered by fixed charge. Normally a tiny tattoo cost is started from $50. A tiny tattoo means its size will be within 3 inches.

Although artists don’t work at a fixed price, you should try to make a fixed deal. 

Estimated Tattoo Cost Example For Body Position.

All body positions aren’t the same. Somewhere it is complex, so, as the body position, the cost can be up-down. So now you are going to get the cost idea according to the body position.

Total Sleeve Design Cost:

If you want to get a complete sleeve design and if the design is complex, it may be too costly for you. Cause It needs to take 2+ days, so according to the average hourly cost ($50), it can be up to $2000.

Half Sleeve Design Cost:

If you took a full black design, it might lower the cost for you. But a colorful half sleeve design cost can be up to $1000. (according to $50 hourly rate)

I have estimated a $50 hourly rate cause the sleeve isn’t a complex place in the body. 

Full Back

The body back isn’t a complex space, but it is too large. So a full-back design is being multiple colors, shedding, and complex art. So the full-back design cost can be the most expensive (Estimated up to $5000).

But as a large amount of design, you should make a discount deal with artists before working. I’ve discussed more on this topic below.


The chest is a bit complex in place in the body. So an artist can charge it a little more than the regular price. So before going to it, make sure of the perfect deal. 

A full chest design estimated cost is up to $1200. And for half chest, the minimum cost is $250, cause it takes 3-4 hours.


If you want to get a finger tattoo, that means it is a symbol, letter, or like something. So as a tiny tattoo, it costs around $50 or under $100. It should not be estimated hourly. So make sure as a fixed deal with the Artist.

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Hair Tattoo Cost

The Hair tattoo is a natural medical type treatment for hairless problem guys. And the head is such a sensitive place in the human body. So any artist won’t work less than the $200 hourly rate.

Because they need to spend double time with more care to do it, they also need special experience skills. 

For the whole head, you may need $1500 to $3000 cost.

Estimated Tattoo Cost Example As Tattoo Type

You know about some advanced type of Tattoo. As usual, these design costs are different than regular. Here are estimated concepts about two types of designs.

3D Tattoo Prices

3D Tattoo is a realistic design on the skin. So it looks like the original design of the physical element. So it can’t do any 2-3 years experienced Artist. Cause here needs to apply creative mind with hard work and long time.

So for 3D design, a skilled artist charges a minimum of $150-$200 per hour.

Watercolor Tattoo Price

If you like colorful tattoos like original printing, Watercolor Tattoo is the best. And the watercolor Tattoo isn’t estimated by hourly rate. Instead, its cost is counted by per image; per-image cost is around $400. And the image size will be around 4 inches or less.

Watercolor Tattoo is a costly cause, and there is a need to apply shadowing that looks colorful.

What Should You Consider Before Getting A Tattoo?

If you are going to get a tattoo for the first time, here have a lot of consideration. Here are some important topics that you should not ignore.


You have come to know the cost, which means the budget is a big issue for you, right? 

On the above, I’ve discussed everything about costing. How type of Tattoo you want to get, how much time needs for it, what is the hourly rate. Know these from an artist and estimate the exact cost of your design.

Otherwise, it can be over costly of the targeted budget. 

Fix Price

It’s great to deal fixed-price with artists, and It can save money for you. But many artists don’t want to do fixed price deals. But it would be best if you tried to fix the price as your design type.

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If you get a tattoo that design with lousy quality ink, it can fade early. Also, harmful ingredients color can affect skin health. So before getting a tattoo, make sure that whether your Artist uses the best natural color. 

There are some top brands for ink: Intenze, Kuro, StarBrite, Solid Ink, World-Famous Tattoo Ink, Panthera, Big Sleeps, Dynamic more.


It is sure that getting a tattoo is a painful task for everybody. So you have to prepare for tolerating pain. But somebody can’t tolerate a little bit of pain too, or many guys are afraid of it pain.

If you are really scared of pain, you can use Numbing cream. But most of the artists don’t want to use Numbing cream. So you have to tell the Artist to use numb. Or you can buy the best performance numbing cream and massage it there you want to place the design before going to the artist studio.


You know, tattoos can have a healthy effect, like an allergy. But, also, if your skin is sensitive, it can cause more problems. 

So, before getting a tattoo for the first time, you should visit a Skin Doctor and consult with him. Also, some deep colors can cause skin cancer for a long time later.

If you don’t want to get these health effects, you should not ignore these matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some Frequently Asked Question with the answer that important for you. Although I got these from a Tattoo community, most of the new guys want to know about these questions.

How much does a white Ink Tattoo Cost?

A white Ink design cost is $50-$100 as design type, like Rose, Hart, or any Symbols.

How Much Does A Blacklight Ink Tattoo Cost?

A Black Light Ink Tattoo Cost cost can be up to $200.

How Much Does A Scleral Tattoo Cost?

The scleral design is too sensitive, so it starts from a minimum of $1000 range.

How Much Does A Bodysuit Tattoo Cost?

Bodysuit design needs to be over 100 hours. So if you calculate it with a minimum $50 hourly rate, it is $5000. But the maximum range is up to $100 000.

How Much Do Henna Tattoos Cost?

A Tattoo artist doesn’t design henna Tattoo, and it is a Parlor base job. But if you want to know about it. Henna design starts from $5, and it can be up to $50.

How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost?

Tattoo removal is surgery-type work, so it average is up to $500. It depends on your body position and tattoo size.

Some Special Tips For You.

1. Visit all Tattoo studios in your City, and know about their work. 

2. Before starting design, understand your design budget.

3. For tiny tattoos, make a fixed deal. If possible, make it a fixed deal too for a large design.

4. See examples of their before works.

5. Check reviews from the local online community about theirs.

6. Use numbing cream to reduce your pain.

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