Exploring Blackjack Inspired Tattoos 

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Humans have found a plethora of ways to express themselves and engage with the world around them, as well as their peers or associates. Before people really get to know each other on a deeper level, perhaps through hobbies, interests, core values, or opinions, there are the inevitable first impressions that we form based on relatively superficial aspects. 

Whether that initial impression turns out to be correct or not, it is extremely important for someone to present themselves in the form or appearance that makes them feel the most comfortable. Of course, this is achieved through various methods such as fashion, choices of clothes or perhaps a hairstyle, but the aspect of focus for now would be the tattoos. 

A fascinating fact about tattoos is that their origin spans thousands of years, having found their place amongst many different generations. Currently they are becoming more and more popular, leading to all kinds of new, fresh ideas. Of course, since a tattoo is a commitment to changing the appearance of one’s body, it may be a good idea to check out some suggestions and references to make a decision that will lead to no later regrets.

Examples of Blackjack Tattoos

As with other interests or hobbies, enjoyment of blackjack can also be something that one can display with a tattoo. There are several potential choices.

Card designs

This one, as the name would suggest, implies getting any card of the customer’s choice. Of course, this would be up to their preference as to whether they choose, Jack, the King or whatever else. This tattoo design seems to stand out as one of the more popular ones, and as a result, we see many wear it in casinos while playing their favorite games.

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As to the place in which it would look best, once again is up to the customer. If looking for constant visibility, it is something that could work on the forearm, similar to a mini sleeve. Otherwise, it could be great anywhere.

Lucky 21

One of the simpler designs has to be the lucky number 21. As we know, Blackjack is one of the relatively more complex/skill-based games in the casino industry. Amongst other heavily RNG based games such as slots, it is not hard to see why some would choose card games as alternatives, preferring to have more control over outcomes. 

Even with the constant discussions of luck and skill split in blackjack, luck still remains a significant factor, leading to the choice of the lucky 21 tattoo, of course, referencing the functionality of the game and its rules. The number 21 is considered lucky in blackjack because it represents hitting a natural blackjack hand (an ace and a 10-point card). Getting 21 on the first two cards is the best possible hand.

Given that, Lucky 21 tattoos symbolize both the luck and skill involved in blackjack. While getting a natural blackjack involves some luck, players can use personalized tactics to get as close to 21 as possible. That is, it’s all about mastering the blackjack game and its rules. Once again, there is plenty of flexibility when it comes to the choice of the size and the specific spot for the number.

Some lucky 21 tattoos are more abstract or artistic in design. But many try to evoke the look of a natural blackjack hand with an ace and 10-point card – so, it’s up to you how you decide to symbolize your love for the game, as well as the mix of skill and good fortune when hitting 21. 

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Winning hands

Who knows, perhaps getting a favorable hand of Blackjack onto one’s body may help in performance and higher winning odds. This is also a relatively safe and popular choice for the enjoyers of the game, looking for bigger scale designs.

Integration with more gambling symbols

If one’s enjoyment for gambling does not stop at just Blackjack, they can combine the above-mentioned choices with several others such as, dice, poker chips or even roulette wheels. All these can go in great together with the Blackjack designs, creating a grander look, engulfing more aspects of casinos and gambling. 

Custom Designs

An interesting continuation for the several casino game combinations is an even broader combo of Blackjack and any other potential field of one’s interest. This would function similarly as the above-described gambling symbols, offering even more versatility and options. 

For example, let us look at sports. If a client has interest in basketball, football or whatever else it may be, they might get creative and find some ways of combining that interest alongside their passion for Blackjack. This would open up many different, unique variations and styles. 

Expanding further, we may have combinations with nature, perhaps with Blackjack cards serving as branches for a tree, and many other choices limited by imagination. Take these with a grain of salt however, considering the fact that tattoos are somewhat of a commitment, one might still opt out for a safer design, guaranteed to look good.

If a client does choose to proceed with a custom design, picking an experienced, well-trusted tattoo artist would be a necessity. Making sure to have proper reference photos, as well as drawing on a piece of paper as to how the chosen custom design would look is also advisable. Although it is important to mention that tattoo removal technologies are getting better, still best be safe from the start.

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As we have established, tattoos can be a massive part of human expression and have been around for quite some time now. Alongside displaying passion for certain fields, it can also be used to combine said fields into new and unique ideas. Of course, choosing one is up to a person’s preference, but having suggestions based on their interest can never hurt. 


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