How Much Should You Tip Your Tattoo Artist

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Tattoos are more than just ink on the skin – they’re a form of art that requires a lot of skill and dedication. Your tattoo artist spends hours perfecting their craft to create something unique and personal for you. So, it’s important to show your appreciation by giving tip your Tattoo artist for their hard work.

Why Tipping Your Tattoo Artist is Important

 Acknowledge the Artistic Nature of Tattooing:

Tattooing is an art form that requires a great deal of skill, creativity, and passion. Your tattoo artist has likely spent years perfecting their craft, studying various styles and techniques, and honing their skills to create beautiful and meaningful tattoos.

 Explain the Amount of Time and Effort Required to Create a Tattoo:

Creating a tattoo is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. It involves designing the tattoo, preparing the skin, and carefully applying the ink, all while ensuring the client’s safety and comfort. Depending on the size, complexity, and placement of the tattoo, the process can take several hours or even multiple sessions.

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Describe How Tipping Helps Show Appreciation for the Artist’s Hard Work:

Tipping your tattoo artist is a way to show them that you value their hard work, dedication, and expertise. It’s a tangible way to express gratitude for their time, effort, and creativity in creating your tattoo.

Discuss the Impact of Tips on the Artist’s Income:

For many tattoo artists, tips make up a significant portion of their income. They may work long hours, often without benefits or a steady salary, and rely on tips to make ends meet. Tipping your tattoo artist can help support their livelihood and allow them to continue pursuing their passion for tattooing.

What is Considered a Good Tip?

Mention the Average Percentage for Tipping in the Service Industry:

The standard tip for service industry workers in the United States is typically 15% to 20% of the total bill. However, tipping practices can vary based on the type of service, location, and cultural norms.

Provide a Range of Percentages for Tipping Your Tattoo Artist:

When it comes to tipping your tattoo artist, the general consensus is that a good tip is around 20% of the total cost of the tattoo. However, some people may choose to tip more or less depending on various factors.

Factors to Consider When Deciding How Much to Tip:

There are several factors to consider when deciding how much to tip your tattoo artist, including the quality of the tattoo, the level of detail, the size and placement, and the overall experience. You may also want to take into account the artist’s level of experience, their reputation, and the cost of living in your area. Ultimately, the decision on how much to tip is up to you, and it should be based on your satisfaction with the tattoo and the level of service you received.

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When to tip your tattoo artist

 Timing is an important factor to consider when it comes to tipping your tattoo artist. While some people may assume that tipping only happens at the end of a tattoo session, there are actually several different scenarios where tipping may be appropriate.

At the end of a tattoo session: This is the most common time to tip your tattoo artist. Many tattoo artists appreciate the gesture of a tip after completing a tattoo session, as it shows appreciation for their hard work.

After a touch-up session: If you need to return to the tattoo studio for a touch-up session, it’s customary to tip your artist again. The amount you tip may be less than the original session, but it’s still a way to show appreciation for the additional work.

After a consultation: If you’ve had a consultation with a tattoo artist and they’ve provided helpful advice and guidance, it’s a nice gesture to leave a small tip to say thank you.

After a long session: If your tattoo session was particularly long and your artist went above and beyond to make you comfortable or ensure a high-quality tattoo, consider leaving a larger tip to show your appreciation.

Other Ways to Show Your Appreciation

While tipping is a common way to show appreciation for your tattoo artist, other ways to express your gratitude don’t involve money. Here are some non-monetary ways to show your tattoo artist that you appreciate their work:

1. Positive Feedback:

Providing positive feedback to your tattoo artist is one of the best ways to show your appreciation. Telling them how happy you are with the final result can make their day. Additionally, sharing pictures of your tattoo on social media and tagging the artist or studio can help promote their work to a wider audience.

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 2. Referrals:

Referring friends and family to your tattoo artist is another way to show your support. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and can help your artist grow their clientele.

 3. Leave a Review:

Leaving a positive review on the studio’s website or social media can also help attract new clients. Not only will it help the studio, but it will also show your artist that you appreciate their work.

 4. Post-Tattoo Care and Maintenance:

Taking care of your tattoo after the session is crucial to ensure that it heals properly and looks its best. Following the aftercare instructions provided by your artist and keeping the area clean can help prevent infection and promote healing. Additionally, following up with your artist after the tattoo has healed can help them see the final result and appreciate their work.

 5. Show Respect:

Respecting your artist’s time, expertise, and creative vision is another way to show your appreciation. Being on time for your appointment, being patient during the process, and trusting your artist’s advice can help create a positive and respectful environment.

What do You Think if You Can’t afford to tips

While tipping your tattoo artist is a common way to show appreciation for their work, it can only sometimes be feasible for some. If you cannot leave a tip, there are still ways to show appreciation and gratitude for your artist’s hard work.

It’s important to remember that communication and gratitude are key in any situation where you can’t afford to leave a tip. Letting your artist know that you appreciate their work and expressing your gratitude in other ways can go a long way in building a positive and respectful relationship.


Q1.Can I tip my tattoo artist with a gift?

Yes, but check with your artist beforehand.

 Q2.Is it appropriate to negotiate the price of a tattoo with the artist?

It’s best to discuss the price beforehand and negotiate respectfully.

 Q3.How can I calculate the appropriate tip for my tattoo?

Tip between 15-20%of the total cost of your tattoo

Q4.Tip between 15-20% of the total cost of your tattoo.

It’s up to you, but communicate your concerns with your artist first.


Tip your tattoo artist is an important way to show appreciation for their artistry and hard work. It’s customary to tip between 15-20% of the total cost of your tattoo, but if you can’t afford to tip, there are other ways to show your gratitude, such as leaving positive feedback on social media and taking good care of your tattoo. Remember to communicate with your artist if you have any concerns about the tattoo, including the price and the final result. By showing your appreciation and respect for your tattoo artist, you can help to build a positive and supportive community of tattoo enthusiasts.

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