Novice at the Cookie Casino: Know it all before you splurge!

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Are you looking for a casino game that would allow you to play games set against one’s choicest fantasies? Numerous casinos are offering the same. Hence, you may think you can pick any of them and kickstart your online gaming fantasies. However, that is not how it works. If you are a first-timer and do not exercise utmost caution, you will be at a loss! You will be cheated of your money and robbed of experiencing an amazing gaming set-up many whimsical backdrop casinos offer! 

In this comprehensive guide, you will get a whiff of some of the first timer-pleasing fantastic games, as well as some do’s and don’ts before you choose to invest in a casino. Here’s how it goes – 

Striking games that first-timers want to play 

You’ve just stepped into the casino world – and you have a plethora of games at your disposal – perhaps more than you thought! Here’s a look at some of the whimsical fantasy games that you must check out – 

  • Amatic games 

As a novice, if you are looking for slot games like – Aztec Emerald, Hot Fruits Quattro, Lemonade, Book of Pharoah, Chilli Willie, Fortune Queen, All Ways Fruits, Wild Respin, Flying Dutchman, Bells on Fire, Beauty Fairy, and more – you will find most of the casinos, like that of Cookie Casino  offering this to their clients and potential patrons! Trust the experts; these are the simplest and easiest casino games you can start playing! 

  • TrueLab games 

You may have heard of games like Guns-Love-Therapy and Sunstrike Supernova, Ultra Hot Reels, Street Muse, and Crazy Mix so many times. These are some of the most prominent games that newbies are always headed to play! Most casino sites offer them, and that too with additional bonuses, extra gold points, and a complete payout! 

  • Mega Wheel 
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Imagine getting a chance to play all 9 bets simultaneously as a first-timer! That would be one hell of an experience – any novice would want! Most reputed agencies offer this game to the newbies, and hence, seek out the best bonuses and payouts available on this game! 

  • Dream Catcher 

Wouldn’t you love a casino game that is packed up with colours? Dream Catcher is the one! With a gameshow-like vibe, this has flashy shades and some punchy notes that will make your gaming experience out of the world! This is another of the first-timer pickups you cannot miss! 

As you have seen, these are some of the chosen games for the novices who have just stepped into the gaming zone. But gaming is not just about fun. Here are some quick facts to note – as a starter. 

What to check before opting for a casino? 

As a first-timer, you must not only check the casino’s range of games. Rather, there are a couple of other things you must check. Let’s help you with a list – 

  1. Always check the credentials of the casino you are investing in. The key features to note are – how long they have been on board, the testimonials and experience of past players, the offers that it holds (ensure that the discounts are not outrageous), and the range of monetary exchanges it allows (if it is only cash or only crypto – that’s not the casino to trust) 
  2. Another thing you must check is – how the customer support of that casino deals with the clients, their efficiency rate, and the time limit of their response. These factors determine the credibility and reputation of the casino. 
  3. The types of games and the bonuses and payouts it offers. If it offers only a type of game (say only roulette/blackjack), then its range is too small, and you will be bored. Also, if it does not give the correct amount of bonuses, wants money for every addition of points, or does not provide a complete payout at the end of the game – steer clear of that casino. 
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As a novice, you might still make some mistakes. Here are the ones that you will probably make. 

Avoid these mistakes 

Assuming that you have been reading this till here and understood the variety of games that reputed casinos offer and the features to check before opting for a game, it is time to know the mistakes you must avoid! 

#Mistake 1 – Do not bet before reading the terms and conditions 

The biggest and definitely the most crashing mistake a novice can make is to only trust the words of the casino customer support and look through the game – not bothering to check up on the terms and conditions by themselves. Certain things are documented, and you must read them to avoid future complications and losses! 

#Mistake 2 – Not sticking to the minimum amount while betting 

In the excitement of betting, as a novice, you may not bother to check the minimal amount of betting and may end up betting way more! The problem is, in case you lose your game, you will end up losing way more than you may have lost. Hence, be watchful of the details. 

#Mistake 3 – Ignoring the payment methods 

You think you have a card and can pay accordingly, but what if the casino only accepts cash or runs via the crypto mode? Then you will be at a loss! In fact, for certain games, you have to buy the spins, and the casino accepts only cash. But you have a card! So, always read up on the payment methods well. 

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#Mistake 4 – Not opting for the trial formats 

Another key mistake that most people (especially first-timers) make is – not opting for the trial formats. Most authorized and reputed casinos offer a trial format of their games, targeting the novices. It is meant to give them an idea of the game, how it proceeds, the bonuses, and spinoffs. Even after reading the T&C, you must not avoid a trial format since that could land you in great soup! 

Parting thoughts 

Who doesn’t like to have a good time with a range of casino games at their disposal and earn some solid cash out of the same? However, there have been many instances wherein these games have led them to ultimate losses! Hence, as a starter, you need to exercise a certain amount of caution while you play these games. By doing the same, you will have a host of economically diverse and entertaining portals of games at your disposal. 

Play well, steer clear of fraudulence, check the website well, and assuredly, you will have the experience of a lifetime. 

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