What Should You Do If You Don’t Like Your Tattoo?

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One of the beauties of a tattoo is that it is permanently imprinted on your skin, but sometimes, this very thing may become a downside. Your tattoo may look amazing and brand new even after a very long time, especially if you love it and take good care of it. However, if you regret your tattoo or wish you hadn’t gotten it over time, its permanence might be annoying.

Suppose your preferences have evolved, or you have a name or picture of someone you no longer want on your body. Perhaps you wish you could go back and redo your tattoo because it didn’t heal properly or faded. Whatever the reason, you have several options to cover up or completely get rid of that tattoo. Before you get on another tattoo artist’s chair, consider which tattoo-covering option below suits your lifestyle and budget.

  1. Remove the tattoo a little using laser

It may be beneficial in some situations to undergo several laser removal treatments prior to getting a cover-up tattoo or completely erase the tattoo you no longer want. The most challenging color to cover up when it comes to tattoos is black ink. However, laser tattoo removal works incredibly well on it.

It is usually easier for a tattoo artist to erase your current tattoo or create a cover-up you love as you are distracted checking out the various promotions and bonuses on golden casino if they use less black ink. It means there won’t be as many limitations on what methods they can use and what designs they can draw if you just want a cover-up.

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While many tattoo removal creams are available in the market, they take longer to produce significant results. They are quite costly, and their effects aren’t comparable to those of a laser. Getting one or two laser removal sessions is definitely more convenient than applying a cream daily for a year. It will also probably come at a comparable price.

  1. Use makeup to cover up your tattoos

You may need to temporarily cover up your tattoos for interviews, wedding photos, and graduation shoots. If this just came up, scheduling a laser treatment right away is unnecessary. If correctly applied, makeup can hide anything, even entire tattoo sleeves or microscopic tattoos.

Tattoo concealers are widely available and especially helpful for covering tattoos that are difficult to cover with regular clothing in areas like the hands, chest, neck, and face. For a few dollars, you can buy tubes of specialty cover-up makeup online, such as Dermacol, which is effective at concealing tattoos.

You can layer your makeup depending on how dark the tattoo you’re hiding is, and they come in different colors to match your skin tone. Ensure you blend the concealer well so that the disguise is as discreet as possible, and once dry, it should not rub off on clothing, should be waterproof, and should last the day.

  1. Cover your tattoo with another tattoo.

It’s usually easier to cover up a lousy tattoo than to hide it in plain sight. Your artist could be able to produce a cover-up that looks much more intentional if they add new words or alter the context of the tattoo. Consider tattoo artist Lindsay Baker’s renowned and widely shared Pikachu cover-up artwork. It gave an awful tattoo a quirky, humorous makeover, and your tattoo artist could apply a similar tactic if you’re determined to give your terrible tattoo a second chance.

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You may have elements of things you still approve of and those you would rather not have in your tattoo. You can always ensure that some sections of your poorly done tattoo are removed if that’s your preference.

For instance, suppose a person’s name appears next to a flower. It could be easier to remove the name and incorporate it into a new tattoo. Tell your tattoo artist if there are any parts of your design that you want to keep.

  1. Jewelry

If your tattoo is barely noticeable, you may be able to cover it up with jewelry. For example, you can use cuffs, bracelets, and watches to cover up a lot of wrist tattoos. Just make sure the strap or band is tight enough to prevent your tattoo from being visible mid-shift! Similar techniques can be applied to rings to cover finger tattoos; however, wide band styles work better because larger gemstone-encrusted rings might not be appropriate to wear to work.

  1. Use your hair to cover your tattoo

Your hair is your best friend if they are behind your ears or in the back of your neck when covering up tattoos for work. If you are a woman with long hair and have a tattoo behind one ear only, you can disguise it by wearing your hair down in a low ponytail or to one side. Men with head tattoos should be able to conceal their facial or neck tattoos with a thick beard, provided that they haven’t shaved or cut their hair extremely short.

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Tattoos can be covered up in a variety of ways. Given the details of your tattoo’s size, color, and placement, study which techniques will work best for you. Look into these techniques and pick your favorite, most practical option.

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