how Much Does A Tattoo Machine Cost! Let’s Take A Bunch Of Knowledge

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how Much Does A Tattoo Machine Cost
how Much Does A Tattoo Machine Cost

If you would like to be a tattoo artist, an excellent tattoo machine is essential. Making tattoos is an art form in which tools are important. And therefore, the key tool is an appropriate tattoo machine to represent your art and skill.

But are you confused about which machine you should select? And which tattoo machines are often in your budget?

The price of a tattoo machine is not so cheap, so If you want to buy a better quality tattoo machine, you have to pay more for its well-maintained Tattoo.

Okay, now you can scroll out this article to get a clear idea about it’ features and cost. Also, it will assist you to make the right decision and can fix your problem.

What is a tattoo machine?

What is a tattoo machine
What is a tattoo machine

A tattoo machine is like a hand-held device that is using to make a permanent mark on skin with irremovable Ink. It is like kinds of sewing machines with the number of needles to pierce on skin frequently.

Tattoos can be a permanent design or mark done by including various dyes. Tattoo designs on a top layer of skin by pricks to insert the pigment on your body.

How tattoo machine works and makes Tattoo?

In recent years modern tattoo machines are using to make tattoos. These machines contain some prime elements:

  1. Disinfected needles
  2. Tube system to pull the Ink into a machine
  3. Electric motor
  4. Foot pedal to control the vertical motion of needles

An artist makes a tattoo on one’s skin by injecting indelible Ink. To form a tattoo, an electrical tattoo machine is used, which looks like a dental drill.

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The tattoo machine helps the solid needle to move up and down. These movements perforate the needle in the skin from 50 to 3000 times in a minute. This needle crosses a couple of millimeters of skin and sets few infusible Ink drops with every pierces.

What are the types of tattoo machines?

The main sorts of tattoo machines are rotary, coil, and pneumatic. These three types of machines are supported in mechanical form. And the shader and liner tattoo machines are based on a technical standpoint.

Features Of Tattoo Machine

1. Coil Tattoo Machine

a. This is a classic tattoo machine and conducts an electromagnetic current to supply linear movement to the needle. It works a kind of hammer-like effect.

b. There are many coil tattoo machines like a single-coil, dual coiled, and triple coiled. Dual coiled is known as a standard coiled machine.

c. The average range of warp in the coil between 8 and 10.

d. Coils make resistances that are used to regulate a machine’s power and speed.

e. This machine helps to make fewer traumas to the skin.

2. Rotary Tattoo Machine

a. A Rotary tattoo machine is powered by a spinning motor that is connected to an armature.

b. This armature helps to generate up and down movement.

c. For this movement, needles can help in and out of the skin evenly and smoothly.

d. They are very quiet in an application.

e. They permit shading, coloring, and lining through adjusting force, speed, and length.

3. Pneumatic Tattoo machine

a. Pneumatic tattoo machine works on an air compressor.

b. Air is used to move the needles up and down.

c. Its weight is very light.

d. This machine is safe to act in an autoclave.

4. Shader Tattoo Machine

a. Usually, it is used to variants of black Ink or shade black.

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b. Saturation level is low on this machine.

c. Huge contact gap is applied during this machine.

d. Sculpting lines can be done by it.

5. Liner Tattoo Machine

a. Liner tattoo machines are used to form a dominant line in one single pass.

b. It uses a low contact circuit to make a faster cycle.

To know more about machines features, you may have a look at this page

Which tattoo machine you should select?

The rotary tattoo machine is so lightweight with minimal vibration. So it’s easy to handle. It might not require lots of adjustments and maintenance to form.

This machine includes unusual durability and doesn’t have an extended lifespan. And it can’t be used for several hours continuously, but it doesn’t make sound like a coil tattoo machine.

The Coil tattoo machine contains one to three coils so professionals love it more. The buzzing isn’t a nasty thing for them. It’s very easy for them to manage the power and speed of the coil machine.

The heavier weight coil tattoo machine is creating more pressure, and it’s easier to regulate. And there is no trouble to use it for several hours. It’s also easier to customize.

Dragonhawk tattoo pen machine is also lightweight, efficient and comfortable pen-style machine. It features an advanced gear system with powerful Japanese motor. This machine guarantees feasible, no vibration and quiet operation.

As a beginner, you should think about the maintenance of the machine and select one which will be preferable for you. 

Which tattoo machines are suitable for beginners?

What Are The Tattoo Machines For Beginners
What Are The Tattoo Machines For Beginners

Here some tattoo machines and their kits that can be suitable for beginners

1.Dragonhawk mast pen machine.

2.Dragonfly tattoo machine.

3.Danny robinson’s coil tattoo machine.

4.bishop rotary tattoo machine.

5.Stigma complete tattoo kit pro.

6.Grinder tattoo kit by pirate face tattoo.

7.Solong complete tattoo kit.

8. Dragonhawk extreme x2 complete tattoo kit.

9.Dragonhawk coil machines tattoo kit.

Know the price of tattoo machine

As a beginner, you should have the concept of the price of a tattoo machine. From the list of machines, you can select which machine can be in your budget.

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Here some prices of tattoo machine

Red scorpion Coil tattoo machine price is $22.99

Red scorpion cast iron liner coil tattoo machine price is $39.99

Rotary tattoo machine (ATOMUS tattoo pen style) price range is $34.99 – $36.99

Stigma rotary tattoo machine price range is $7 – $9

Dragon art tattoo pen rotary machine price is $49.97

Wormhole tattoo machine set price is $39.99

RCA cartridge rotary tattoo machine price is $75.99

Tattoo pen machine kit 20 cartridges power supply RCA cord price is $69.99

Rotary tattoo machine pen kit price is $99.99

Stigma complete tattoo kit pro machine price is $66.25 to $72.07

Dragonhoawk tattoo machine kit price is $82.99

Dragonhawk Complete tattoo kit coil machine price is $54.99

Wormhole tattoo complete tattoo kit price is $45.99

Tattoo machine kit –SOTICA complete tattoo kit price is $59.99

Complete tattoo pen machine kit price is $109.99

If you would like to buy from any online shop, these are available on Amazon.

You can take a tattoo machine kit with your machine or separately. But as a beginner, you can collect a tattoo kit machine as it will supply everything you need to start tattooing.

What are the tattoo machine kits?

To start tattooing, kits are essential. As a beginner, you should have the idea of a tattoo kit. A complete kit can be suitable for you because all equipment will be in one place.

Here some initial equipments which you need

a.A tattoo machine

b.Power supply is required for machine

c. Ink


e.Ink cups or caps

f.Alcohol and green soap

g.Practise skin

h.Paper towels

i.Disposal gloves

j.Disposal container to keep used needles

k.Transfer paper is required for stencil


Bottom Line:

Tattoo machines are a little expensive to buy for beginners. If you want a better quality machine, you have to pay at least between $100 and $200. 

As a beginner, you can buy a machine with a tattoo kit which can cost like $50. At the same time, the average kits price is between $50 and $1000. But to save your money, you can buy a better quality machine which will last longer.

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