10 Best Coil Tattoo Machines Review and Guide 2021

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Do you want to be a professional tattoo artist? Or have you lost your gun or need a new set for your professional uses?

I hope a heavy-duty coil machine gun is an extreme expectation for you, also under budget with other opportunities. So if you don’t want to waste your money and time with the wrong tattoo gun, don’t skip this review.

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After a lot of analysis according to many types of guns, package, price, and quality, I picked the top 10 for you. Below I’ve put the reason for choosing them so that you can decide on the perfect one for you from these.

What are the best coil tattoo machines?

Here I’ve summarized in a shot about my all coolest picks. So that you easily understand a perfect model as you need.

1. Best For Beginner: Dragonhawk Coil Tattoo Machine With Complete Kit.

(Comes with all essential kits that need for a beginner )

2. Best For Learning Professionally: Pirate Face Professional Coil Tattoo Machine.

(Included four guns with all kits, guns are uses for differently smoothly drawing )

3. Best Single Gun: One-Tattoo-World, Liner, and Shader Under Price.

(A cheap price single gun that will useable for liner and shader both )

4. Best For Professional: Dragonhawk 2pcs Coil Machine For Liner and Shader.

( Two cheap guns, “liner and shader draw,” are for professionally uses )

5. Best Kit Set For Professional: Dragonhawk Complete All In One package

( Included all necessary kits with 4 pro Guns)

6. Best Liner Coil: Redscorpion Stronger Material Made For Liner.

( A lower price, top quality material made liner that can be used professionally )

7. Best For Inks: DragonHawk 2 Piece Coil Guns With Kits.

( Include 20 different colors of ink with the kit set )

8. Best Liner and Shader: Mast Iron Frame Coil Machine For Professional.

( Top-quality liner and shader for professionally long-duration use without hassle )

9. Best Professional Liner: STIGMA 10 Wrap Liner Tattoo Machine.

( Pure copper made coil magnet and excellent finished alignment )

10. Best Shader: Hawink Handmade Coil Tattoo For Shader.

(A excellent, top-quality design traditional shader for professionally uses)

10 best coil tattoo machines Reviews

After a deep analysis, here is an in-depth review for you. Before picking every product, I’ve researched a lot, so you should keep confidence in this review.

1. Best For Beginner: Dragonhawk best beginner Coil Tattoo Machine With Complete Kit.

Dragonhawk best beginner Coil Tattoo Machine With Complete Kit

Dragonhawk is a top reputed brand since 2021 for supplying tattoo accessories. They are selling many kinds of tattoo machines and kits. The Dragonhawk Coil tattoo is best for a beginner tattoo artist.

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It comes with A to Z kits in a box, which are needs for a beginner artist.

Many beginners are satisfied with it, cause around $50 price it offers all necessary kit for going to start a practice or real working.

What you will get:

2 Coil Machine (Lining, Shading), Digital Power supply, 20 Needles, Kit Case, Gloves, 4 Inks, Clip cord, tubes, razor, 20 plastic tips, 2 liners, and 2 shaders.

If you are a beginner, I will recommend you to purchase extra practice skin. Cause it has only one fake skin included. I found this limitation, but everything is okay for starting a tattoo drawing.

  • 2pcs Coil Machine for two different operations.
  • All of the essential kits.
  • It comes with a Case Box for taking with travel time.
  • Budget-friendly for starting guys.
  • Only one transfer paper is included with this machine.

2. Best For Learning Professionally: Best Professional Coil Tattoo Machine – Pirate Face.

Best Professional Coil Tattoo Machine - Pirate Face

Do you want to be a professional tattoo artist? You have to learn and practice much with the professional machines and kits.

The Pirate Face is the solution for you if you are going to be a professional Artist. Cause it comes with a complete tutorial, guide, and all professional kits.

The 4 different types of coil guns included with this package are used for perfect Lining, Shading, and Coloring. Also, 50 Needles, Excellent Power, 7 type Ink, Grips, Gloves, and many kits come with this package.

The 7 type Radiant colors ink is made by USA industry that is safe for use. Color is an important consideration for a tattooist. So you don’t need to be confused about its color.

Also, the 2 hours DVD video tutorial and an excellent guidebook will make you beginner to expert. The instruction book has written by CR Jordan (tattoo artist).

  • Comes with 4 powerful Guns.
  • Complete Package for Learning.
  • Comes with a lot of kits and a Case Box.
  • 6-month warranty included with this.
  • The clip cord is short in length.

3. Best Single Gun: One-Tattoo-World, Best Liner, and Shader Machine Under Price.

Best Liner, and Shader Machine Under Price

Are you looking for a coil multi-work gun machine under budget? Or have you lost your guns from the kit set?

The 1 Tattoo World Gun is the best value for the price. Also, a Gun can be used for liner and shader.

The best multi-work gas is made of light aluminum material. And 10 Wrap coils are made of the latest. So that you can comfortably draw lines, shadow, or color.

For speed/voltage control features, you can customize your working speed with it. For example, when you will draw a shadow, you need to high voltage and for liner need to low speed for the smoothie.

If you at a price it’s around $15 to $20 (Check out the latest price). But the problem is it doesn’t come with all kits. If you are a beginner, you need to purchase other tiny kits differently.

  • The top-quality machine at the lowest price.
  • Made of lightweight, strong metal.
  • It can draw smoothly, without vibration.
  • Made of 10 wrap copper coil.
  • Not perfect for a beginner. Doesn’t come with all the kits that’s need for a new artist.

4. Best For Professional: Dragonhawk 2pcs Coil Machine For Liner and Shader.

Dragonhawk 2pcs Coil Machine For Liner and Shader

Are you a professional artist? Or do you want to take a coil machine that will work for professionally?

The Dragonhawk 2pcs Machine is designed for heavy use for professional artists. This lightweight gun has featured adjustable-voltage, so that you can draw smoothly and comfortably.

These two are made for lining and shading operation. And for comfortably working with it, the liner has warped 8 coils, and the shader is 10.

From my research, I found that a lot of customers are satisfied with it. Also, Dragonhawk is offering a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

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But remember that it isn’t for beginner guys who are going to learn from today. Because it doesn’t come with all kit packages.

  • Excellent Lightweight (Under 1 lbs) for smoothies using.
  • Best quality guns that come from top quality brands.
  • Refund guarantee for unsatisfied guys.
  • Best quality under the price.
  • Not great for beginner guys.

5. Best Kit Set For Professional: Dragonhawk Complete Best All In One package – 4 Coil Guns.

Dragonhawk Complete Best All In One package - 4 Coil Guns

Are you a professional artist? Looking for the best new coil machine package?

The Dragonhawk 4 machine with all the necessary kit sets is the perfect solution for you.

The 4 coil professional guns are made for different tasks. Two for line drawing, one is for power liner, and another one is soft. The remaining two are for coloring, one is for deep color packs, and the other is for shading.

Not only 4 copper-made pro coils but also all essential kits are included with it. What you will be going to get:

4 Guns, Power Supplier, Two Long length Cords, 50 needles, 10 high-quality, safe inks, Kit Case, Gloves, tubes, plastic tips, nut drivers, and 4 fake practice skins.

If you haven’t a budget issue as a beginner, you can start with this package. Although, its price isn’t too much. (Check out here latest price)

  • Made of high-quality lightweight material.
  • Coils are made of copper coil that is powerful and long life uses.
  • All kits come with it, that’s needed as a professional.
  • Also, a great package for starters who want to be a professional.
  • Doesn’t come with instructions or a guide for beginners.

6. Best Liner Coil: Redscorpion Stronger Material Made Tattoo Machine For Line Drawing.

Redscorpion Stronger Material Made Tattoo Machine For Line Drawing

Have you lost your liner gun from your set? Or the liner isn’t working well, so need a great one?

The RedScorpion is made of Cast Iron, and super clearance alignment will allow you to work smoothly without any hassle.

From my deep research, I found that it is the best one for a top-quality single liner coil machine.

It has used a high elastic spring that will give you relief even after long-time work. Also, with the many user reviews, it isn’t hot after a long time running. Cause here has used late Solenoid technology.

Also, the manufacturers offer a one-month free refund guarantee. So I will recommend this model to you like the best professional liner coil machine.

  • Made of high Cast Iron for long durability.
  • Best for professional and long time uses.
  • Lower price according to quality.
  • Quick customer service support from the vendor.
  • Only used for lining

7. Best For Inks: DragonHawk 2 Piece 10 Wraps Coil Guns With Kits.

DragonHawk 2 Piece 10 Wraps Coil Guns With Kits

If you aren’t satisfied with inks that offer other packages, the DragonHawk’s this package is the solution for you.

It offers 20 different inks colors, which will give you a great experience for drawing tattoos with several colors.

The two Liner and shader guns feature a 10 wrap coil that is excellent for beginner to expert artists. It comes with all kits under the price.

What you will get from it:

Two coil guns, 20 colors, Rubber, Nut driver, Digital Power supply, Cord, 50 Needles.

But the problem is it doesn’t include Kit case and practice skin. Although Case Box isn’t mandatory, cause you can use other boxes as an alternative one. But practice skin must be needed as a learner, that you need to buy differently.

8. Best Liner and Shader: Mast Iron Frame Structured Coil Machine For Professional Uses.

Mast Iron Frame Structured Coil Machine For Professional Uses.

If you are looking for a top-quality coil machine (Liner and shader) for your professional business, the Mast Tattoo is the best for you. Cause It is made of premium quality metal. Its frame has come from cast iron and excellent finishing. And for a 47uf capacitor, you can smoothie working for a long time.

The MastTattoo is our expensive and valuable pick for you. It isn’t recommended for a beginner who is looking for a kit set.

Because it doesn’t come with all kit sets, even a single power supply or cord. But if you consider the quality, a lot of customers are satisfied with these coil guns. Also, the manufacturers are ready to give quick support and a refund guarantee.

  • Best line and shadow drawing guns.
  • Hard, soft, thicker, all modes available.
  • Manufactured of high durability material.
  • Speed control feature that will give you comfortable working.
  • Not for learner guys.
  • Compared Expensive with other coil machines.

9. Best Professional Liner Coil: STIGMA CNC Carved 10 Wrap Liner Tattoo Machine.

STIGMA CNC Carved 10 Wrap Liner Tattoo Machine

A liner coil that a professional artist designs can be great for perfect working. So the STIGMA coil tattoo machine(Liner) is great for you.

If you are looking for a quality piece, STIGMA is ranked top score for quality. Its design comes from an Italian tattoo master. The body is made of a high standard, lightweight metal that is super comfortable for a long time working.

The coil is made of pure copper for long-lasting and high-speed working. Also, you will get unlimited customer support from them.

  • Designed by an expert artist.
  • Used durable iron metal.
  • Coli is made of pure copper.
  • Excellent finishing alignment.
  • A Lot of professional customers are satisfied with it.
  • Expensive For Beginner.

10. Best Shader: Hawink Best Handmade Coil Tattoo Machine For Shader.

Hawink Best Handmade Coil Tattoo Machine For Shader

Do you need only a shader? Or are you looking excellent looking in a traditional style, high-quality shader? The Hawink is the best for high quality and also an excellent looking shader of my research.

It can handle a lot of pressure for a long time. Cause here used 12 wrap coils with 47uf capacitor that can take up to 50 voltage.

The Rear spring prevents vibration of it while shedding. So that you can work smoothly and comfortably.

Also, the armature bar can manage up to 18 RL Needles. So it can throw excellent color flow from ink. If you need the best coolest shader, the Hawink is the perfect one for you.

  • Excellent color flow for shading.
  • Used High Voltage capacitor.
  • It can be a work smoothie without vibration.
  • It can be a Long time work without being heated.
  • The price is a little much.

Key Consideration For Choosing the best coil tattoo machines.

Are you a learner or going to take a tattoo machine for the first time? Or if you have a bad experience with a previous machine, you have to regard a few things.

This guide can help you choose the perfect one as you needs. Here I’ve described everything that knowing mandatory before buying a long last and perfect coil tattoo machine.

Light Weight:

Weight is important for comfortably and smoothly working. Some machines are heavyweight that aren’t comfortable working for a long time with patience. So lightweight is great and recommended for comfortably working.

But you have to focus on the coil wrapping. A heavyweight magnetic coil is perfect for vibrate-free drawing. So don’t focus lightweight for coil wrap.


Some packages don’t come with all kits. If you are a beginner tattoo artist, purchasing all individually is expensive and imperfect for you.

So as a learner you have to consider that package comes with all kit. Also, if there have any tutorial or learning guide, it is a key point.


Made of pure copper coil wire magnet, and strong, lightweight metal made body is recommended for an ideal coil machine.

Professional Uses:

If you want to use it professionally, you shouldn’t focus on the lower-price guns. Excellent alignment, pure copper coil, and a high voltage capacitor are extremely recommended. Otherwise, after a long time of use, it will be overheated.

Some frequently asked questions about tattoo coil machines.

After a lot of research, I found a few FAQs that many customers wanted to know before buying. So here I’ve listed answers and questions among these that you should know.

Are coil tattoo machines better than rotary?

For professionally used coil is better than a rotary. But rotary is best for easy uses.

Are dragonhawk a good brand for tattoo kits?

Dragonhawk is a popular brand for over 20 years.

What’s the difference between a cheap and an expensive one?

The expensive model is made of top-quality iron, and the coil is pure copper. Also, it can be used for a long time without overheating and with lower vibration.

How much does a good tattoo gun cost?

A good professional tattoo gun’s price is around $50.

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