Best Tattoo Gun For Beginners? Guide to Choose Your Machine

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A quality tattoo machine is something which will definitely aid a tattoo artist if someone wants to develop his name and fame in this hobby as profession. Tattoo is something bus always in relation with art and artistic skill and the key word ‘ tattoo’ relates art and a booming professional skill in the modern world.

To be a real artist of tattoo in a realistic sense, one exactly requires a wonderfully easy to handle tattoo machine.  It means that a tattoo artist requires a machine which is just according to the level of the user which will be useful for him to make things better and nicer.

Tattoo Machines for Beginners

The best tattoo machine which a new artist will use must create a good impression with the clients as he is taking help from his machine. In addition, the quality and matching machine for the Beginner tattoo artist let him carry on or makes him feel cool about his progress if things go forward on good terms.

So, a newbie should focus on details regarding the tattoo machines.

Here is the list of the Best Tattoo Machines’ Features to look at for the Beginners-

How Much Does A Tattoo Machine Cost

The price of a Tattoo machine is something that may determine what is the quality and service it. For example, a very simple and low-quality tattoo machine will be at its lowest price and a complex high-Quality machine is certainly share a price tag that may not be always budget-friendly rather it may be a little more expensive.

Even then, we are guiding you what to choose and what not  in here.

Cost plays a very vital role in deciding what quality machine you are going to get. A machine with 50$ will certainly be in better condition than that of 35$ range one.

How to use simply

A Beginner actually doesn’t know many things regarding a product as usual. The main purpose of a new comer in a tattoo art is not exactly to master the skill rather to show up the ability that he can use it comfortably.

On the other hand, sophisticated tattoo machines are not helpful for the Beginner artists because they may have features which will definitely confuse them. This also means losing some money uselessly.

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Getting What He needs

Tattoo machine has usually ink, needles and power supply systems and some kits may have the other two parts for separate jobs like lining and shading options.

If a newbie gets ideas of all these features while he buys a tattoo machine, they gradually develop a rapid understanding on them so that they can match their preference and patterns.


Although a starter will never spend many hours on buying, it is vital to begin with something comfortable and light. As heavy machine or materials may create wrist pain or other types of physical limitations, Beginners must avoid those.  Rather, doing the tattooing must be of fun and simplicity for the beginners.


Of course, nobody wants a machine which keeps breaking or needs replacing. As a result, you should buy a machine that is reliable and dependable regarding its durability which won’t discourage you from carrying on your tattooing passion.

One of the Best Beginner Tattoo Gadgets –

 FK Irons – Best Tattoo Gun for the Starters.

We begin with one of the best things of Tattoo Gadget for the beginning-level users. The FK Irons will certainly help the beginning level tattoo artist as complications can’t be handled by any beginners. Every single task is simplified for the artist here with utmost easiness. This is designed in a way where it show that the artist must concentrate on the art, not on the machine.


  • Rotary type is its Style.
  • 9.5 watt to 4 watt is given to this device.
  • 2.8 mm, 3.4 mm and 4 mm- are its three sizes.
  • strokes caps are available.
  • polished mirror and anodized 6061 T6 aluminum are its made components.
  • Hex Drive Motor Bolt system is its core system.
  • Sub- feature- (Interchangeable with Edge X and Direct 1 motor bolts)
  • It has available in several colors
  • Grp of it is 21 mm
  • The real weight of this device is 85-ounce.
  • Product – FK Irons – Best Tattoo Gun for Beginners
  • Quality and Condition- Brand New

The features of this machine are with general and they are not specialized type machine.

Maintenance is easy as it doesn’t require lubrication.

Why is the gadget for you?

All Rounder

As a beginner, this machine allows lining, shading, and coloring with its single handed pattern and it gives an easy access for single handed different set up changeably.

No Complications

This gadget is the best model of easiness as it gives quick spot. Moreover, regular back stem along with screw-on cartridges helps it to work on consistently and that is why, it doesn’t  require adapters. Going to needle set up quickly is also certainly easy.

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Facile To Handle

You have a comfortable grip, so you can maneuver without any pain. Its light weight helps a user not to become tired. Lubricating isn’t the issue in it.

Long Lasting

The machine is aircraft-grade aluminum, and as a result, it is very long lasting .  Moreover, it is made in the US, and 1-year warranty is given for the motor.

Some other parts have life time warranty. The durability of this machine is amazing. The artist will look professional with this machine which will reassure the clients.

  • Versatile & Without Any Complications
  • Long-lasting & Looks attractive and professional

Dragon hawk Mast Pen – Best Tattoo Equipment

If a beginner wants to show his artistic skill with pen and papers, he can definitely use this one. As drawing with a machine is certainly very helpful and quicker, it gets effortless.  However, using this gadget – a starter can readily transfer his skill from pen-pencil to a machine.

Quick Summary Info

  • The materials Involved in this device are  a nice case, cords, power supply, and cartridges.
  • This is made from aluminum which is space grade
  •  Japanese motor  is its brand
  •  Working voltage 6 V-9 V  is real power level.
  •  Pen-style tattoo kit is its pattern.
  •  Brand Name- Dragon hawk Mast Pen – Best Tattoo Equipment

If a beginner wants a trouble free machine, this is a must take one. It saves all the pains to look for many accessories in the market.  This machine has a wonderful bag to retain everything for travelling and storing.

Full Package

It gives you everything a tattoo machine must have such as- sterilized needle cartridges , power supply, and  a gorgeous  travel case .

All Rounder

The machine allows quickly with simple direction having- lining, shading and solid coloring.This has a terrific medical-grade stainless steel.

Easy Application

Its light-weight which is 120 gram is comfortable to hold. And most importantly, it works like actual pen and pencil drawing on paper system. It doesn’t have too much vibration and noise created while working.

Things Popular In It

  • Using pen on paper is with the similar style
  • Very easy to use- High puncture power
  • Versatile- almost everything you need

Dragon hawk Tattoo Kit- Best Entry L Tattoo Machine Kit

This gadget is a power pack combination of four machines in one which gives a power lining. Then the machine gives grand looking coloring along with theme shading.

Quick Summary Info

  • Materials Involved Four in One- power liner, conventional liner, soft shader, and color packer
  • Merits- consistent ink, fade-resistant
  • Needle type- sterilized needles
  •  Case pattern- Fits in special lockable travel case
  •  Product- Dragon hawk Tattoo Kit- Best Entry L Tattoo Machine Kit

The machine contains- fast and accurate voltage adjustments, 50 EO (Ethylene Oxide) Gas sterilized needles, disposable machine grips, pieces of practice skin, US-made Immortal tattoo inks, a set of adjustment tools, and a large carry case with a key.

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Why is the machine you won’t miss?

Has Everything You Need

The machine has a power pack combination of what a beginning level tattoo artist needs.

High Quality– The quality of this product is very high as it is gorgeous and durable.

Four Machines– it helps to complete multitasking as nicely as possible.

Excellent Customer Service- the review of this machine is extremely high for it gives almost all features necessary for a tattoo machine.

  • Complete tattoo machine package
  • 4 separate tattoo machines for different tasks
  • High quality and set
  • Terrific customer support

4. Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machine- Best Starter Tattoo Machine

Do you have a good budget? If so, we offer you professional looking beginner level tattoo machine for you as it gives you all possible chances for you to become a tattoo artist.

Quick Summary Info

  • The Weight of this gadget is 3.8 ounces
  • The formal Pattern of it is ERGO-design  tool which seems weightless
  •  The materials are CNC machine for precision and high-quality aluminum
  •  The Merits of this device are it is anodized and ware resistance.
  • The amazing Comfort Feature is that it is hand-assembled
  •  Needle Style shows that it has double-sized needle clip
  • Power Supply  of this machine has adjustable voltage for different tasks
  • Product Name- Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machine- Best Starter Tattoo Machine

Say Goodbye to all your tensions and worries for pain or tiredness as this machine completely feels like weightless. The beginner level tattoo artist will feel like an expert artist as the high quality and durable gadget offers a wide range of tasks and tattooing styles.

Why is it this the best?

High-Quality Construction

This is made in California as of its high format. The Moxon motor is Swiss made, and in some cases it offers a German Faulhauber motor.

Fantastic Weight Set

As we already told that it feels like weightless as this weighs 3.8 ounces.

Double-Needle Clip

The needle is always steady which make things easier for the user and customer.

All In One

The voltage is superbly adjustable, shading and lining in 8-9 volts and color packing may be with 7.5-8.5 volts.

Fixed (“Organic”)

The gadget controls speed and hand pressure. This gadget will make you a better tattoo creator.

Popularity in It

  •  It has Superior materials and manufacturing process
  • This device is nicely used for  lining, shading, and color packing
  • Weight of this gadget can be said almost  Weightless
  •  Real pattern of this has no lateral movement which allows for fine detail work
  • The main Merit of this gadget is that it can be trained for hand speed and hand pressure

Still, after getting ideas from these four machines- if you can’t decide one-

  • Consider yourself as a simple user and think about your level of understanding on drawing a tattoo, Decide on your artistic skill relating your thinking abilities.
  • Then review our product lines and think what you want-
  • You will certainly get a good solution out and using one of these machines, you will be inspired to develop your hobby to profession as a tattoo artist.

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