Must-Have for Tattoo Artists: Top 5 Tattoo Machine Cases!

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Tattoo machines are a crucial investment for tattoo artists, and as such, proper care and maintenance of equipment is necessary for their longevity. This is where tattoo machine cases come in. Tattoo machine cases are used to protect tattoo machines during storage and transport. These cases serve the purpose of keeping the machine safe from damage and preventing the accumulation of dirt and dust.

Another benefit of using a tattoo machine case is that it helps organize the tools of the trade. Within the case, artists can keep all the necessary equipment, such as power supplies and foot pedals, in one place. This is essential as artists are frequently on the move and may need to work in various locations. A well-organized case ensures that they can easily access all needed tools, allowing them to set up their workspace quickly and focus on the art itself.

Finally, a tattoo machine case can also help with branding. By having a unique and customized case, tattoo artists can promote their business and make a lasting impression on their clients.

In summary, a tattoo machine case serves as a protective shield for the machine, helps with organization of tools, and can promote the artist’s brand. Investing in a tattoo machine case is a wise decision for any tattoo artist who wants to ensure the integrity of their equipment and streamline their workspace.

Here are 5 Best Tattoo Machine Case Reviews

1. Yuelong Affordable Price Portable Tattoo Kit Box

Yuelong Affordabl

Getting your tattoo kit organized can be a hassle. You might have some of the essentials, but there are always more things you need to get, and it’s hard to keep track of them all.

The biggest problem with tattoo kits is that they are not portable enough. They usually come in a big box, and the artist has to carry them around all day.

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Yuelong Portable Tattoo Case Box solves this problem by making the kit as small as possible. It also comes with a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

This high-quality storage bag has a strong zipper that keeps everything secure and easy to open and close on the go. It’s made from waterproof material that will protect your equipment even if it gets wet.

There’s even an extra pocket inside where you can keep small tools like needles or grips safe and separate from other items in the bag! 

With this compact carrying case, you won’t have to worry about losing any pieces of your tattoo kit when you’re on the go! It’s large enough to hold almost any size set but still small enough to fit inside.

  • The best equipment for a tattoo artist.
  • Easily store all your necessary tattooing equipment.
  • All items are carried with one easy-to-carry box.
  • Perfect size for traveling artists – good for conventions to carry around in luggage
  • It does not look like a professional.

2. GZCZ 3 Layers Large Capacity best tattoo travel case

2. GZCZ 3 Layers Large Capacity best tattoo travel case

Traveling with your tattoo equipment can be a pain. You have to carry everything separately, and it’s hard to keep everything organized.

GZCZ 3 Layers Large Capacity Travel Tattoo Case Box is the perfect solution for traveling with all of your tattoo supplies in one convenient! 

This great travel kit contains two large interior compartments. That fits up to 12 bottles of ink (8ml & 16ml), four tubes of pigment powder, 10+ needles, five grips/screws, one pair of tweezers, one pair of scissors, and more! 

All you need for an on-the-go session or just taking some extra product on vacation. It also comes with a free carrying bag, so you can take this anywhere you go!

The best part about this storage box is that it has adjustable dividers. So you can customize the space as needed, which makes storing different sizes or types of products simple!

  • It is a dedicated Makeup Box. (But a great tattoo kit organizer also)

3. Sullen Art Co. Tattoo Equipment Case For Easy Carrying

Sullen Art Co. Tattoo Equipment Case For Easy Carrying

Tattoo artists are a unique breed. They’re passionate about their work, and they want the best gear available. But sometimes, this means carrying around a bunch of stuff in different bags or cases.

A Sullen tattoo equipment case is the only one you need to carry all your essential tools for working with clients at home or on location! This strong, durable case holds everything you need without being too bulky or heavy.

It’s also got some great features that make it easy to use quickly and efficiently during a session.

The Blaq travel slotted tray system makes it simple to organize all your supplies, so there’s no time wasted looking for things during a session. There are two trays included with each box; 1 tray has slots for holding needles, tubes of ink. 

And other small objects while the other tray is open-topped to hold larger items like stencils and flash sheets or even an iPad. 

  • Provides a protective, stylish way to transport and store your tattoo machine.
  • Allows for safe, easy cleaning of the needles.
  • Durable, high-quality case with a rubberized handle for easy grip.
  • Protects against dust and other contaminants.
  • Not for storing Machines, it is only for Tattoo kits.

4. AW Corporate Tattoo Case Under Price

AW Corporate Tattoo Case Under Price

Tattoo artists are always on the go, and they need a case that can handle their daily schedule. When most clients are corporate, your Tattoo kits and Machine carrying case should have been professional-looking.

This case has been designed for Makeup artist Trainer, who trains apprentices. So it is also best for a corporate Tattoo case. AW Corporate Case Box is specifically for tattoo artists like you who need an easy way to carry your equipment around safely and securely every day. 

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With this compact carrying case, you’ll never worry about your supplies getting damaged or lost again!

It has come with a lot of space, but it never takes much space for an easy foldable mechanism. And it has two parts. The main part is an MDF board, which prevents any unexpected hit on your tattoo kit.

But, the outside part is made with soft fabric that hides the hardboard case and looks professional. It comes with a shoulder strap and handles both, so carrying it is too easy in this case.

  • The shoulder strap is comfortable to carry, and the handle can be used as an option depending on preference.
  • Get a high-quality case to protect your tattoo machine and ink.
  • Increase productivity with a larger work area for all of your tools.
  • Make the process easier by eliminating storage problems in any space you have.
  • This case is a dedicated Makeup Box.

5. Mefeir 4 Removable Tattoo Rolling Case

Mefeir 4 Removable Tattoo Rolling Case

Tattoo artists have a lot of tools to carry around. They usually have to bring in their storage boxes, often not well-made and can break easily.

This rolling case is made from high-quality steel with reinforced corners that won’t bend or break even if dropped. 

The best part? You can lock the case closed for added safety when transporting expensive tattoo supplies!

If you’re looking for a durable storage box that will last through years of travel and use, this rolling case is perfect for storing all your tattooing essentials!

The case box, like luggage, for a lot of space, can store many Tattoo kits and Machines while traveling. With four wheels and an easily adjustable feature, you don’t have to fall into hassle in transport.

Also, to ensure extra security of your machine and kits, its corner has been secured with durable aluminum. So if you are looking for too large space and too easy carrying, you can take Mefeir, which comes with many opportunities.

  • Enjoy more space on your counters with this stylish rolling case.
  • Keeps everything clean and organized inside of the set.
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum frame that will last for years of use.
  • Keep all your tattoo stations organized.
  • Price is higher than other regular kit organizers.

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