How To Apply Tattoo Stencil With Deodorant & Without Deodorant Safely Every Single Time

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Do you want to know how to apply a tattoo stencil without deodorant and with deodorant? Well, if so, then you’ve come to the right place! This blog post will show you step by step how it’s done. Read on for more information about an easy way to do this task.


What You Will Need To Know Apply Tattoo Stencil Without Any Mistakes

  • Tattoo stencil is a piece of paper. Take care of it while you grab it.
  • Be insure that you did every step carefully what I mentioned below before getting a stencil.
  • Don’t give it to move when you are taking a stencil on your skin otherwise the blotches will be damaged.

Name of the Items and their importance 

  1. Napkin: It is a small and soft square paper that will make you comfortable to rub on your skin. be careful your skin is a sensitive area so you shouldn’t use anything to rub. you must have to use a napkin, a small, soft cloth.
  1. Rubber gloves : Before getting your tattoo stencil, you have to wear glove on your hand otherwise your the stencil bloche can be damaged or others material can make an issue on your hand like alcohol or deodorant cream (speed stick)
  2. Razer machine: Tattoo stencil is a printed color on Plastic sheets, like mylar so if it’s not properly fit with your skin the stencil will not be copied on your skin. It’s crucial to shave your tattoo area to make your tattoo stencil.
  3. Alcohol : Alcohol will make your skin smooth to put your stencil on your skin.
  4. Deodorant : Speed stick and alcohol both will help you remove dust or junk from your skin.
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Don’t miss anything that I mentioned above. And follow my step-by-step guide below to apply stencil safely on your skin.

How to Apply Tattoo Stencil With Deodorant in 7 Simple Steps 

02. How to Apply Tattoo Stencil With Deodorant in 7 Simple Steps
02. How to Apply Tattoo Stencil With Deodorant in 7 Simple Steps
  • Take a little alcohol on a napkin
  • Rub it nicely on your stencil area for 5 seconds
  • Shave your stencil area smoothly
  • Take a napkin and rub it on the stencil area for 3 second 
  • Now take both alcohol and deodorant 
  • Then rub the full stencil area for 5-7 second
  • Press it down the whole area for 5 second 

Take it off and let it dry. Enjoy! 


  • Don’t miss to rub the whole area.
  • Stay concerned about your skin while shaving. Don’t cut your skin.
  • Use the alcohol as you need. Don’t use much

Let’s elaborate to make yourself more clear – Probably you are a bit scared of applying a stencil for the first time. No worries, if you follow my instructions carefully you will get it without any hesitation. 

How To Apply Tattoo Stencil Without Deodorant

Apply the tattoo without deodorant by following these easy steps.

First, use rubbing alcohol to clean your hands and then thoroughly dry them before touching any sensitive areas of skin on client’s body where they would like their desired design placed. Then take an appropriately sized stencil (approximate dimensions are 3x3in) place it over an area that has not yet been covered with designs using permanent markers or pens; make sure you leave at least one inch between colors so there will be no bleeding when applying additional layers later if needed because mistakes can happen! Once everything looks right-you’re ready for business! Use caution while working near sharp objects such as knives during this process

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Tattoo stencils are an easy and affordable way to get a custom tattoo. Whether you’re looking for the perfect design or just want some temporary ink, these DIY kits can help you achieve your goals without expensive trips to the tattoo parlor. The only thing left is deciding how to apply them! There are two ways that have been used successfully before but I recommend using deodorant as it’s less messy than putting on baby powder first. You’ll also need tape if you don’t use deodorant so be sure not to forget this step in preparation for your new tat!

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