How To Remove Temporary Tattoos Easily | Actionable guide!

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How To Remove Temporary Tattoos Easily Actionable guide
How To Remove Temporary Tattoos Easily Actionable guide

In the recent 2-3 decades tattooing became very popular and trendy among all types of people. Whether I talk about trends or anything, not everyone wishes to get a permanent tattoo. The reasons are solid. So, how to solve this problem? A temporary tattoo. I loved temporary tattoos as a kid. And it’s becoming popular day by day as it looks almost identical to the real one. For people who have fear of needles, a temporary tattoo is the only option left for them.

So what’s a temporary tattoo? It’s a decorative image that is applied to the skin surface. You won’t need to use any needle or inject ink inside your skin. Rather ink is applied to your skin surface for a short period. If you are not sure about getting a tattoo but still want to experiment, then you can get a temporary tattoo. Temporary tattoos are perfect for costume parties or any occasion.

How to remove a temporary tattoo

How is the longevity of a temporary tattoo?

How is the longevity of a temporary tattoo
How is the longevity of a temporary tattoo

A temporary tattoo wears off on its own. But it’s longevity depends on the person’s skin type and location of the tattoo. Temporary tattoos last for one week to a maximum of two weeks. After one week the tattoo starts to peel off. Sometimes these temporary tattoos become stubborn and need to be removed.

Methods of removing temporary tattoos at home:

Imagine that you went to a music concert last night and got a tattoo on your face. But the next day you have to go for a job interview. Then how will you get rid of it? Surely, you will want to remove your temporary face tattoo. Otherwise you will need to wait for 7 days. After the period, the tattoo will start to get off and will look kind of dirty. So, if you don’t have the time to wait for the tattoo to wear off on its own. Then you might have to remove it at home. Sometimes removing fake tattoos can be very tricky. But as I am a professional tattoo artist, I can help you with some methods of removing temporary tattoos at home.

Oil-based remover

Oil-based removers are my favorite to remove temporary tattoos from the skin. Most of the temporary tattoos are prepared to sustain a soap and water wash. So, applying a little oil is a very good idea to remove the tattoo. You can use the oils that are available in your home.

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Baby oil: Baby oil works like charm for removing temporary tattoos. Apply baby oil to the temporary tattoo. Wait for a minute or two. In this time, the oil will sit on the tattoo. This process will soften the tattoo. And the tattoo will be easier for rubbing away. Take a cloth or a towel and start to rub the tattoo. Do this until the tattoo gets completely rubbed away. Now wash your skin with soap and you are ready to go.

Olive oil and coconut oil: If you don’t have baby oil, then you can also use olive or coconut oil. Everybody has these ingredients in their kitchen.  Put a few drops of oil on your tattoo surface and rub it away. Olive and coconut oil share the same procedure as baby oil.

If you don’t have any of these oils, then you can buy a cleanser. Specifically an oil-based cleanser. They work like the same as baby oil or coconut oil.

Chemical-based remover

Chemical-based removers are better for the most stubborn temporary tattoos. You can use the products that have glycolic acid, salicylic acid, or lactic acid as a remover. These ingredients help increasing cell turnover and clean the skin. Let’s discuss the most common removers that you can manage easily.

Cold cream: Cold cream works like magic. Apply the cream to your tattoo and cover it. Then wait for 1 hour to let the cream work. After 1 hour rub the place with a washcloth. After that, you will find that the tattoo is completely wiped off. At last, you will wash the place with soap and water to clean the cream.

Nail polish remover: It works as a strong remover and can wipe off almost anything. Acetone is the main ingredient that does the work of removing color and pigments of the tattoo ink. First, you have to wet a cotton ball with nail polish remover. Then rub the cotton ball on the tattoo. It will start to flake off. Wet the cotton ball again if needed and continue to rub. After removing the tattoo, use soap and water to clean the place. You should be careful to use nail polish remover if you have sensitive skin.

Rubbing alcohol: It’s a common thing that can be found under your bathroom sink. Rubbing alcohol works almost the same as nail polish remover. So, you have to follow the similar procedures to ret rid of a temporary tattoo.

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Make-up remover: Make-up remover is less harsh than nail polish or rubbing alcohol. Because it is made for skin. So, you can consider it safe. This can be used to remove temporary tattoos from face. You have to soak a cotton ball into makeup remover, then rub the ball on your face tattoo. Do this until the tattoo takes off. Then wash your face. You can use waterproof makeup remover for stubborn tattoos, as they are more powerful.

Mouth wash: Yeah! You can use mouth wash for getting off your temporary tattoos too. You have to apply mouth wash on the tattoo. It will break the tattoo and make it easy to remove. So, take a towel or any cloth and gently rub the area. Then you should get rid of the tattoo. After that wash the skin with water and soap.

Exfoliating body scrub

Exfoliating is removing dead skin cells from the surface layer of skin. This process is done by using chemicals. Exfoliating body scrub can be used to remove your tattoo very fast. Gently rub the scrub on your tattoo for about 30 seconds. Within this time, most of the tattoo should be rubbed away. You might have to rub a for a little more time. After that, the tattoo will be totally vanished.

If you don’t have an exfoliating body scrub, you can buy it from a drugstore or you can make similar scrub at your home. You will need 1 cup of brown sugar, coconut oil, and few drops of vanilla essence for a pleasant smell. Mix the ingredients and they will be ready to use.

Peeling with scotch tape method

For some people, peeling is the easiest method to get off a temporary tattoo. For removing larger tattoos, this method will save you time. You will only need a scotch tape for this method. Stick the tape on your temporary tattoo to cover it. Then press it with your fingers. Make sure that the tape is strongly attached to the tattoo surface. Then peel the tape off. You will get rid of the tattoo immediately. You might need to repeat the process if there is any leftover.

If you have very sensitive skin, then I suggest you to perform a test with a small patch of tape. Thus you will understand whether this method is safe or not.

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After removing the tattoo, apply cold on the skin to remove redness.

Temporary tattoo removal wipes

Temporary tattoo removal wipes are the fastest way to remove a temporary tattoo. You will agree that it is one of the easiest methods. Even you don’t need to scrub, just need to unfold the wipe and apply it to the tattoo surface. After applying gently massage and the tattoo will be gone. Magic ha?

Temporary tattoo removal wipes use a special formula to dissolve the ink quickly. You won’t need to face any trouble as you can remove as many tattoos as you want. But these wipes are a bit expensive than other methods.

Removing tattoos with lemon Juice

Lemon juice has citric acid in it. This acid works as a natural bleaching agent. It can take off temporary tattoo ink. You have to add some salts with lemon juice. Then apply the mixture on your tattoo surface and scrub it. The mixture will fade the tattoo and make it disappear.

Removing a tattoo with Salt

Yes, you can actually remove your tattoos with salt. The sodium and chlorine of salt break the structure of tattoo ink. That’s why tattoos can be removed easily with salt. Take a cup of salt and a little water. Their mixture shouldn’t be too watery. Now you have to soak this mixture with a sponge and rub the sponge on your tattoo. After almost half an hour, the tattoo should go away. This method is easy but very time-consuming.

Caution and quick tips

Before getting a temporary tattoo, you have to know the precautions. If you are a person who have sensitive skin. Then you may have an allergic reaction. A chemical named paraphenylenediamine is found in the most temporary tattoo ink. This chemical is the main reason for allergies. It is okay if you face a little pain when removing the tattoo.

As a tattoo expert, I will suggest you to scrub gently with circular motion. Do not scrub too harshly, because that will cause you skin irritation. Using chemical remover for a long time can also cause skin irritations. These irritations or inflammations won’t last more than a day.

In that case, you can use some products to soothe your skin. Aloe Vera and cucumber gel, coconut oil can give you sudden relief from irritation.

Final Thoughts

Temporary tattoos are great. If you don’t love them, you can always wipe them off. Before getting a permanent one, you can get a temporary version of that tattoo to check how it looks on you.

You’ve already learned some methods of removing tattoos at home. All items are available near your hand. So try any of the methods that suit you the most.

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