Best Disposable Tubes For Tattooing | Everything You Need To Know

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Best Disposable Tubes For Tattooing Everything You Need To Know
Best Disposable Tubes For Tattooing Everything You Need To Know

Let’s have a ride into disposable tattoo tubes for tattooing

Disposable tattoo tubes definitely used more often than you may think. In this article, I’ll go over the basic product description of a tattoo machine tube, which covers the size and shape of a tube, how to clean it, and what not to use it for.

A tattoo machine tube is a clear disposable device that feeds ink into an open-ended stamp for use in creating tattoos.

How to choose the best tubes for tattooing

How to choose the best tubes for tattooing
How to choose the best tubes for tattooing

The first thing you need to know about tattoo machine tubes is what their dimensions should be. Tattoo tubes for beginners should be about 8 inches in length and 3/4 of an inch in diameter. Less experienced tattoo artists may want to stick with 9 x 1-inch tubes instead. They’re the most common size because they’re the perfect length, they can hold a relatively large amount of ink while being still easy to handle, and you don’t overfill or underfill them as often as with smaller or bigger tubes. If your tube is either too big or small, it’ll be difficult to handle on the fly and will take longer to use up all the ink in it because you’ll have to refill more often.

Are tattoo machine tubes reusable?

Tattoo machine tubes are not reusable for making new tattoos once they’re empty. They’re only good for refilling with new ink when they’re still in use. Make sure to always look inside a tube (at the tip when you open it) and make sure to check its expiration date if you’re in doubt about whether or not it’s still usable. Don’t ever trust their brand name; look underneath the printed image on the side of the tube.

How far out of the tube should a tattoo needle stick?

To make it easier to work with a tattoo machine, the needle should always be sticking out of the tube by a quarter of an inch or less. Any longer than that and you risk scratching yourself or moving your hand too far away from the needle while you’re using it.

Can you use different colors in one tube?

Yes, different colors can be put in one tattoo machine tube. Although you can mix colors in one tube, it’s actually best to keep them separate because mixing colors together dilutes the quality of your ink. That means each color will last for fewer uses and will look more washed out when exposed to air for too long.

What is the diameter of a tattoo tube

Tattoo tubes are usually the size of an adult pinkie finger. That’s about 3/4 of an inch wide for 8-inch long reusable tattoo machine tubes. The diameter of some disposable tubes can vary a bit.

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More specific info about tattoo machine tubes

Another thing to know about a tattoo machine tube is that it contains a lot of air bubbles when you first load it up with ink, so you’ll have to do a little bit of shaking and tapping before using it for the first time. You can also use compression to remove the extra air from inside, but you should only do that once per tube session because using too much pressure on the tube will cause it to break or tear more easily than usual.

Disposable tattoo tubes vs stainless steel reusable tattoo machine tubes

There are two types of reusable tattoo machine tubes, and they’re made from different materials. Stainless steel is the durable material most commonly used for tattoo machine ink tubes, but the cheaper alternative is medical-grade plastic disposable tubes. The good thing about stainless steel reusable tattoo machine tubes is that they don’t break as easily. The problem with plastic disposable ones is that they can only be used once before you throw them away, which can get expensive if you tattoo a lot.

How to clean a stainless steel reusable or a disposable tube for later use: Disposable tattoos have to be disposed of after one use so you wouldn’t have to clean them.

How to Clean Your Disposable Tattoo Tubes

These disposable tattoo tubes should be rinsed thoroughly with warm water and soap. Afterward, fill a container with rubbing alcohol and float the tube in it while gently scrubbing off any particles that may have been left behind by previous clients or from improper sterilization techniques. Once you’ve scrubbed them down, rinse them off one last time to ensure all soap has been removed.

What Are The Factors That Make A Disposable Tattoo Tube Good

1. Check if the plunger is well packed and has a strong grip when plunging.

2. Pull back on the piston before inserting it into the tube.

3. If ink gets on the tip of your needle when changing color, wipe it off with a paper towel and suck it up when you pull back on the piston.

4. Make sure to use only 100% new needles because tattoo needles are medical products that require sterilization/autoclaving or chemical disinfection between uses.

5. Before putting caps onto your tubes, wait until after sterilizing your equipment otherwise there could be health risks when tattoos are applied later because ink vapors can spread through air and cause infection when put directly into unsterwhen buying disposable tubes

Here are the top best 10 disposable tattoo tubes for tattooing

1. Disposable tattoo tubes with needles -Tattoo Needles Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit

Tattoo Needles and Tube Combo, New Star Tattoo 40pcs Professional Disposable Tattoo Tube with Assorted Tattoo Needles Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit for Tattoo Supplies

The New Star tattoo set comes in a professional black case that includes 40 pieces of disposable tattoo tubes. The tube is made by high-quality PVC material. The tube has an adjustable cap which can be adjusted to fit any size needle up to 1/2 inch (13mm). Each tube contains 2 needles, one needle is shorter than the other. This allows you

Specification : 

  • Tattoo needles and tube combo
  • New Star Tattoo 40pcs Professional Disposable Tattoos
  • Tube size is 1″ x 3/4″
  • The needle is made of stainless steel with a 0° bevel, which means the needle will not bend in use
  • The tattoo tube has an ergonomic design that allows for easy application when using it to apply ink to the skin
  • It features a strong adhesive strip on top of its lid, so you can stick it down onto your work surface without any worries about it accidentally coming undone

2. Disposable tattoo tubes 13ft – Tattoo Tubes with Clear Long Tips

ITATOO 13FT Tattoo Tubes Disposable Tattoo Tubes with Soft Black Silicone Grips is made of high-quality medical-grade materials, which are safe and reliable. They are easy to use and make sure that you can get a good experience in your work. It is a great product for tattoo artists.

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ITATOO 13FT Tattoo Tubes Disposable Tattoo Tubes with Soft Black Silicone Grips comes with soft black silicone grips, which will protect your hands

Specification :

  • ITATOO 13FT Tattoo Tubes Disposable Tattoo Tubes with Soft Black Silicone Grips
  • Getting the right tattoo tubes is important – find out why!

3. Tattoo Needles and Tubes Combo – CINRA 20PCS Tattoo Needles with Disposable Tubes Grips


CINRA tattoo needles are made of high quality 304 stainless steel. They have excellent sharpness and durability. The needle tip is very thin and can be used in various tattoos to make the work more fluent.

Specification :

  • This is a professional tattoo needles and tubes combo. It is perfect for your tattoo work.
  • This tattoo needles and tubes combo will make your work easier than ever before!
  • The edges of the tattoo tubes are smooth that can protect hands. 25mm, 1 inch. Easily hold, and suitable for most of the people’s hands. Non-Slip and suit for ergonomic design help you finish tattoo work easily!

4. Disposable tattoo tubes assorted – ATOMUS 50pcs Disposable Mixed Tattoo Needles

Looking for a high-quality and safe set of tattoo needles? Look no further than the ATOMUS Tattoo Needles & Tips Set! Made with 304L stainless steel, these needles are clean-soldered for optimal control and results. Pre-sterilized with EO gas, they’re individually packaged and ready to use – perfect for disposable use. Plus, our brand is focused on providing the best possible tattoo products, so you can be sure you’re getting quality gear. If you have any questions about this product or our other offerings, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We’d be happy to help!

Tattoo Needles & Tips Set, ATOMUS 50pcs Disposable Mixed Tattoo Needles + 50pcs

This is a set of high quality tattoo needles and tips, which are made by stainless steel. All the needle tips are disposable, easy to use and clean. You can use them for single color or multi-color tattoos. They have been sterilized before shipping out to ensure that you will not get any infections caused by germs when you use them. The tip size is 1/2″, 3/4″, 7/8

Specification : 

  • Tattoo needles are a staple in the tattooing world
  • Disposable needles are used to reduce the risk of infection and cross-contamination
  • Atomus offers high quality, affordable disposable needles
  • The company guarantees that their products will not rust or corrode over time
  • Atomus sells 50pcs mixed set with 10pcs each of round, flat, triangle, square needle tips for your choice
  • Needles are made from medical grade stainless steel which is sterilized before packaging for safety purposes

5. Disposable tattoo tubes 5 round – ITATOO 5rl Tubes Soft Rubber Black Disposable

Looking for a top-quality, durable tattoo tube that’s easy on your hands? Look no further than ITATOO 5rl Tattoo Tubes! These tubes are made of high-quality materials and feature a soft rubber grip for extra comfort. They’re also individually packaged, making them safer to use. Plus, they’re compatible with most standard tattoo needles and machines. So why wait? Order your ITATOO tubes today!

Specification :

  • Black long tips, make them look cleaner when holding the ink.
  • Hard plastic tip, do not hurt your skin.
  • 5 Round Tattoo Tubes Soft Rubber Black Disposable Tattoo

6. Disposable tattoo tubes 1.25 – Grip Tube 25pcs Tattoo Needle Handle

Looking for a comfortable way to hold onto your tattoo needles? Check out our new Ultra Tubes Foam disposable tubes! These tubes come with a soft, comfortable handle that makes it easy to grip and control. Plus, the clear transparent design allows you to see your tattoo needle in action, providing greater accuracy and precision. Shop now and get 25pcs of single-tip type disposable tubes for your next tattoo project!

Specification : 

  • The Ultra Tubes® Foam Disposable 1.25″ Grip Tube 25pcs Tattoo Needle Handle is a great way to prevent needle slippage and improve your tattooing experience
  • It features a comfortable foam grip that provides the perfect amount of friction for safe, steady needle control
  • This product also includes 25 disposable needles which are made from high-quality surgical steel and can be used with any ink color!
  • Ultra Tubes® Foam Disposable 1.25″ Grip Tube 25pcs Tattoo Needle Handle (Round Tip) is an affordable and easy way to make sure you’re giving your clients the best care possible!
  • To learn more about this product, visit our website at ultratubeusa dot com or call us at (555) 555-5555 ext 1111
  • We hope you enjoy this blog post on how to increase your home value by making simple changes around the house! Have a great day 🙂
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7. Disposable tattoo tubes mag – 5 Flat Tubes 5 Magnum Tattoo Tubes

Keep your work area clean and organized with these disposable tattoo grips and tubes. The long tips make it easy to see the ink clearly, and the hard plastic tip prevents any waste. With a non-slip grip, you’ll be able to control the tattoo tubes with ease, and the smooth edges protect your hands.

Specification : 

  • ITATOO 5 Mag Tattoo Tubes Disposable Tattoo Grips and Tubes
  • These tattoo grips are disposable, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them up after the job is done!
  • They come in a package of five and each tube has a different color grip on it for easy identification when using multiple tubes at once 
  • The grips themselves are made from high-quality silicone which ensures that your clients will be comfortable during their sessions 
  • To use these grips, simply peel off the protective cover and remove the inner liner before applying to skin like any other grip or tube 
  • You can even reuse these tattoos by replacing the liner with fresh ink every time you want to use them again! Just make sure they’re dry before storage

8. Disposable tattoo tubes for cartridges – Grip Tubes Black 20 Pieces with 5 Pcs Needle

EZ disposable tattoo cartridge grips are perfect for any type of tattooing. The non-slip design provides support through the entire hand making it comfortable to work with, while the stainless steel back stem ensures a long life span. Compatible with all major cartridge systems, this 1 inch size grip is ideal for use with all your favorite designs. Packaged 20 pieces per box, these grips are sterilized using E.O Gas and individually blister packed for your convenience.

Specification :

  • Disposable Tattoo Grip Tubes
  • 20 Pieces with 5 Pcs per set
  • One inch diameter tubes 
  • Made of high quality medical grade PVC and latex free, non-toxic and safe for use on skin
  • Comes in a pack of 20 pieces with 10 grips each 
  • Black color only available at the moment

9. Stainless steel tubes – New Star Tattoo 22pcs Assorted Tattoo Stainless Steel Tip Kit

Introducing the Tattoo Tips Stainless Steel Tubes Kits! This professional-grade kit is perfect for anyone looking for a durable and reliable set of tattoo tips. Made with high-strength stainless steel, these tubes are built to last. Additionally, each tip comes in its own box with the size marked on the slot, making it easy to operate. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this kit has everything you need to get started!


  • The stainless steel tubes are perfect for creating the outline of your tattoo
  • The 22pcs assorted tattoos starter kit is a great way to get started with tattooing
  • Tattoo kits come in different sizes, ranging from small to large 
  • You can use these kits for both professional and personal use
  • These kits are easy to assemble and include everything you need (except ink) 
  • All you have to do is choose which size works best for your project!

10. Adjustable Aluminium Cartridge Grip Tubes – Needle Bar for Motor Rotary Machine

The Tattoo Adjustable Aluminium Cartridge Grip Tubes Needle Bar for Motor Rotary Machines is just what you need to make your tattooing experience more comfortable and professional. Made of light-weight aluminum alloy, this product is easy to clean and autoclavable for your convenience. The non-slip grip ensures a steady hold while you’re working, and the adjustable design fits most cartridge needles.

Specification : 

  • Tattoo Adjustable Aluminium Cartridge Grip Tubes Needle Bar for Motor Rotary Mac
  • With this product, you can make your own tattoo machine to create tattoos with different effects!
  •  This kit includes all the tools needed to assemble your first tattoo machine, including a power supply and an instruction manual!
  •  You will need to provide your own electric motor (sold separately) before you can use this product 
  • It’s very easy to assemble because it comes pre-assembled in its box – just unpack and start using!
  • The adjustable needle bar is great for creating different effects on skin, including shading or outlining designs

Conclusion paragraph: The best disposable tubes for tattooing are the ones that provide a comfortable grip and don’t give you any hand cramps. They should also be easy to sterilize, so just throw them away after one use! Do these qualities sound like something your looking for? If so then look no further than our line of sterile Tattoo Ink Tubes with Polyurethane Grip Technology. These durable yet cost-effective plastic tubes come in convenient 10 packs, making it simple to keep plenty on hand at all times – even if you’re an artist who tattoos regularly or someone who’s constantly doing touchups. We offer both black ink and white pigment options as well, which means there is something perfect for every customer out there! So stop

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