Top 10 Best Laser For Permanent Tattoo Removal

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Top 10 Best Laser For Permanent Tattoo Removal In 2022
Top 10 Best Laser For Permanent Tattoo Removal In 2022

Are you regretting your current tattoo? Or do you want to have a trending one over your existing tattoo? Whatever the reason is, removing the tattoo is the only option left for you. You might have so many questions about tattoo removal. So, I am here to get you out of this situation with my expert suggestions. 

Best Laser for Permanent Tattoo Removal
Best Laser for Permanent Tattoo Removal

I am not gonna lie that removal of a tattoo is a long and slightly painful process. Though it depends on the type of removal method. The popular removal methods are cream removal and laser removal. In this article, I’m gonna crack the whole laser removal method.

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How does a tattoo remover work?

Temporary tattoos are very easy to remove. You can remove temporary tattoos at home. Otherwise, they will fade away naturally. But permanent tattoos are the most stubborn to get off.  Of all the methods, laser treatment is the most efficient method for permanent tattoo removal. The laser machine looks similar to a tattoo gun and works like a laser hair remover. So, how does it work?

The laser machine shots light on the tattoo area at a different wavelength. The light gets into the skin and breaks the pigment of the ink into smaller particles. These particles are removed normally by the body and immune system with time. You will need to redo the process until it is completely removed.

The healing time of the first session is 7 days which is decreased with the following sessions. The number of sessions that you will need to perform depends on both tattoo and skin type. For example, the color of the tattoo, size of the tattoo, ink of the tattoo, skin types, place of the tattoo, etc.

You will have to use different wavelengths for different colors. Yellow, blue, and green are harder to remove than red and black ink

Though you will feel uncomfortable during the process, the laser method is safe. At least safer than surgical or old laser methods. I can ensure that this is the most effective than all other methods. 

Do you need a laser tattoo removal machine?

I totally understand that you have to get rid of your permanent tattoo. But do you really need to buy a laser for tattoo removal? Because you can just go to the tattoo removal clinic and get your tattoo removed. So, let’s find the answer. 

As a tattoo artist, I can surely say that going to a professional might be a good idea for some reasons. But you have to know the other sides too. 

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Professionals are experienced in this field and they know how to remove a tattoo. So just go to a clinic and get the tattoo removed. Then why would someone buy a laser machine? The answer is simple. It will cost you less than a tattoo removal clinic. And most importantly, if you are a busy person, then you will not want to visit the artist for many sessions. And most of the machines are multipurpose. So, you can use them as beauty salon machines.

Things to consider before buying a laser tattoo removal machine

1. Function: A tattoo removal laser can offer single or multiple functions. Single functional machines are comparatively cheap than others. They only serve tattoo removing service. On the other hand, multifunctional lasers offer tattoo removal, hair removal. They also offer black spots removal, skin tone correction options. So, in my opinion, multifunction lasers are the better option for buying. 

2. Specifications: The specifications you should look for are wavelength, power, and pulse. Different wavelengths are used to remove different colors. So, adjusting the wavelength range feature must be considered. Electric power consumption is another thing to keep in mind. The higher the energy, the more efficient the machine is. The pulse rate means the number of shots fired in one fire. Almost every machine provides protective glasses with them. These specifications are very important for laser removal. 

3. Technology: Used technology in laser removal reveals the efficiency of that machine. Some machine uses ND YAG technology.  Nanosecond and Picosecond technology are the latest. They offer a versatile diversity in changing wavelengths. 

4. User friendly: You probably won’t like a laser removal which is hard to operate for a newbie. So, make sure that your laser for tattoo removal is easy to use. 

5. Budget: You will get very low to very high priced laser removals in the market. Don’t go for the cheapest one because you will not get the desired result. Very expensive ones are for only professionals. So, keep a moderate budget for buying a laser for tattoo removal.

Here are my top 10 laser tattoo removal machines.

1. LIANDU-US eyebrow tattoo removal machine

LIANDU-US eyebrow tattoo removal machine

If you are searching for a perfect laser eyebrow tattoo remover, then this one is for you. This machine uses ND YAG laser technology. And it has dual-wavelength: 1064nm and 532nm. So, it is exactly what you need for removing black and blue color pigments The spot area is defined as 0.04-0.2″. You can perfectly remove tattoos, dark eye-line, blackheads, eyebrow hair. This beauty machine avoids scars and damaging tissues.

The three cooling feature boosts heat dissipation to reach the deep dermis. Pigments absorb light and burst into small particles. It has a stable handle to use easily. You can use this laser machine in both home and salon.

  • Multipurpose tattoo remover
  • Stable handle
  • Not good for all colors

2. UANGELCARE tattoo removal machine

UANGELCARE tattoo removal machine

Uangelcare brand’s eyebrow laser tattoo removal machine is best for professional use. Its easy operation mode allows both professionals and normal people to use it easily. This machine has automatic features that allow to use by only pressing buttons.

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This skin rejuvenating beauty machine not only removes your tattoo. It is also used as a multifunctional laser machine to treat eyes, lips, etc.

It has a strong power supplier and a large tank for water. The cooling system is also great. The metal body gives a beautiful look to the machine.

  • Skin rejuvenating machine
  • Has automatic feature
  • A bit expensive

3. Biotechnique Avance Professional tattoo removal machine

Biotechnique Avance Professional tattoo removal machine

You might already understand by the name that this laser remover is for professional use. However, you can use it at your home too. It’s a compact design machine at an affordable price.

If you talk about the result, this machine is a beast for laser work! It provides an excellent professional-grade result. It uses the latest technology to remove your permanent tattoo. You will get portable tattoo removal equipment with this machine.

  • Best for professionals
  • Compact design
  • New users need to learn

4. LiFuJunDong eyebrow tattoo removal machine

LiFuJunDong eyebrow tattoo removal machine

It is one of the best laser eyebrow tattoo removal machines that you will find in the market. It is a multipurpose machine that can remove tattoos, epidermis spots, and moles. This machine uses picosecond technology to clean tattoos. It also has dual wavelengths: 1064nm and 532nm. The spot area is 1-5mm. The power supply is 1000watt. 

Those specifications say it all for the machine. You can improve skin tones, lighten pigments and remove wrinkles too. Exogenous and endogenous pigment damages treatment can be done without tissue damage. You will get 3 different replaceable probes to use according to your needs.

  • Picosecond technology
  • Skin tone treatment
  • Multiple session needed

5. DONSU tattoo removal machine

DONSU tattoo removal machine

Donsu laser removal machine is best for both home and salon use. You can use this machine as a tattoo remover, eyebrow hair remover, and blackhead remover. And also as a whitening and beauty machine. This machine is made with ND YAG technology that means 1064 nm and 532nm wavelength. 

The spot area is 1-5mm, the pulse width is 8ns. The power supply is a bit low which is 300watt. The laser removal doesn’t damage tissue or create scars.  Total 3 combined cooling functions made this machine very efficient.

  • ND YAG technology
  • Three combination cooling
  • Low power supply

6. Salmue tattoo eyebrow removal machine

Salmue tattoo eyebrow removal machine

Salmue brand’s tattoo removal is another ND YAG technology-based machine in the market. This easy operable machine has dual-wavelength. The machine is powered at 1000 watt. 

You can use this laser removal to remove tattoos and for skincare too. The versatile machine offers you eyebrow hair removal. It also offers birthmark mole removal, eye, lip pigment removal, etc.

The result is similar to professional. This machine has three combined cooling systems. You can happily consider this machine as safe. No damage, no scar, and no harm to hair follicles are done by this machine.

7. QiQiBaby eyebrow tattoo removal machine

QiQiBaby eyebrow tattoo removal machine

Here it is, another laser tattoo removal machine for you. You should know about this Q switch ND YAG technology-based laser removal machine. Because this is one of the best performers for removing black and blue ink pigments. 

It uses dual-wavelength which are 1064nm and 532nm. This machine can treat tattoos, eyebrow hair, and marks on the skin very well. This is often called a beauty salon machine.

  • Dual-wavelength
  • Best for blue and black ink pigments
  • Not good for mid wavelength color

8. CNCEST eyebrow tattoo removal machine

CNCEST eyebrow tattoo removal machine

This one is another popular product that is available in the market. The multipurpose laser machine is used in hospitals, beauty salons, and even in homes. Q switch ND YAG technology is used in this machine.  You can also use it as a whitening and blackhead remover.

Exogenous and endogenous pigment lesions are caused by mixed colors. This machine can treat these problems. You will not face tissue damage or scar when treating with this machine. Eyebrow, eyeliner, lips, birthmarks can be successfully removed by this machine. And tattoo removal result is also satisfactory.

  • Usable in everywhere
  • No scar or damage
  • Doesn’t look good

9. KONWELL professional picosecond laser pen

KONWELL professional picosecond laser pen

Laser pens are good alternatives to laser machines. These pens are very much affordable related to tattoo removal machines. They are cheap but useful. Komwell’s laser tattoo removal pen is multifunctional and works like a charm.

The latest picosecond technology is used in these tattoo removal pens. It can remove tattoos, skin problems, scars, moles from the skin. These pens are fast and easy to use. It can detect melanin accurately. So that skin problems can be treated accurately. These pens are for professionals. But you can also use them after reading the instructions.

  • Picosecond technology
  • Melanin treatment
  • Needs a lot of sessions

10. WSND picosecond tattoo removal pen

 WSND picosecond tattoo removal pen

This is the cheapest laser remover on my list. Although it is cheap, it does the work like an expensive one. Picosecond pens are lightweight and can be used in one hand. This pen has an LCD screen which makes it easier to use. 

This laser pen can remove body tattoos as well.  On the other hand, it works like a wart and scar removal machine.  The light of this pen can resolve melanin into fine particles. The pulse width is short which means better performance. You can try this pen in a beauty salon or at your home.

  • Short pulse width
  • Cheap price
  • Not sure about the sustainability


What is the cost of tattoo laser removal? 

Removing a tattoo is costlier than having a tattoo. Every session might cost around a hundred dollars if you do it from a clinic. 

2. How much time is needed to remove a tattoo? 

It basically depends on the type and size of the tattoo. You can consider 6 to 8 weeks as a standard time. 

3. Will it hurt to remove a tattoo? 

Most of the patient says that they feel a bit uncomfortable. But sometimes it hurts. You can bear it, it’s not that harsh.

4. Will it leave a scar?

 With the proper laser treatment, it should not leave a scar. 

5. Does it have side effects?

Removing a tattoo with laser treatment might cause a little side effect. Blistering, Swelling, Redness, Tenderness, etc. might be seen. But these are temporary.


So, after all this discussion, if you are planning to remove your tattoo at home. Then you can choose any of the products from above as per your need. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s do it.

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