Best Tattoo Ink For Stick and Poke

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Ever heard of the proverb “a drop of ink may make a million think”?

Well, it’s true indeed. Today I am not here to take any philosophy class. Rather I will talk about the best tattoo ink for stick and poke.

All I can say that your tattoo represents your personality and can make people think about it. If you are really into stick and poke tattoos, then you have come to the right place, my friend.

So before starting, let me remind you that “To get the best quality tattoo, you will have to use the best quality ink.”

Best Tattoo Ink For Stick and Poke
Best Tattoo Ink For Stick and Poke

Which stick n poke tattoo inks are safe to use?

Best Tattoo Ink For Stick and Poke Top
Best Tattoo Ink For Stick and Poke Top
  • Some inks were used to be made from heavy metal like cadmium, nickel, or toxic salt. You know that these metals are harmful to human bodies and can cause serious problems.
  • But the good news is nowadays famous brands don’t use those toxic elements to create color. The pigment and carrier both are considered safe. Some carriers can prevent infections.
  • You can use India ink which is non-toxic and safe. But I will say that you always have safe tattoo ink to use too.

Will stick and poke tattoos fade quickly?

  • Stick and poke tattoos are permanent just like regular tattoos. Now the truth is both of them can fade with time. But you have to agree that stick and poke tattoos fade faster than regular ones.
  • The average time of a stick and poke tattoo is 5-10 years. How quickly the tattoo will fade depends on some factor.
  • The place of the tattoo, ink’s depth, etc. are common factors. If the tattoo is on hands or legs, then they will eventually fade faster than tattoos on chest or arms.
  • If you frequently wash the place of the tattoo, it will start to fade in few years.

How to get the best results with stick and poke tattoos?

To get the best result you have to follow some procedures

  • The best result comes from the best quality work. The ink must be quality full ink. There are 7 layers in human skin. And the needle must cross the 3rd layer.
  • Because 1st and 2nd layer regenerate consistently. So, if it reaches 3rd layer, then the tattoo ink remains safe. And most importantly taking proper aftercare will give you the best result.

How to choose the best tattoo ink for stick n’ poke tattoos?

  • To choose the best tattoo ink for stick and pokes, you have to follow some criteria.
  • Firstly check if the ink is pre-dispersed or not. Pre-dispersed ink is easy to use and provides a better result. Then consider the components of the ink.
  • Check the pigment and carrier and what are they made of? Select your color and fix the budget. Then choose the one which fulfills most of your criteria.

Can You Use Sharpie Ink For Stick and Poke Tattoos?

  • The straight-cut answer is no, you can’t!
  • Though advertised as non-toxic, that only applies for external uses. It has n-butanol, diacetone alcohol which are responsible for health problems.
  • If this ink goes too deep into the bloodstream while doing a tattoo, it can be very dangerous. Sharpie inks should never be used for tattooing by considering it risky factors.
  • There’s a bunch of ink for stick and poke tattoos available in the market. So, it’s really a hard job for anyone to find the perfect ink to buy.
  • But hey I can assure you that you don’t need to worry. Because I have reviewed a lot of the famous products. And finally picked the top 10 best ink for stick and poke tattoos. So, I won’t waste any more time, let’s roll on to the top 10 list.
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Top 10 tattoo ink reviews for the year 2021

1. BLACK ONYX Millennium Moms 1/2oz Tattoo Ink

BLACK ONYX Millennium Moms 1/2oz Tattoo Ink

Millennium Mom’s Black onyx is my top pick for stick and pokes tattoo ink. Millennium moms is a very famous brand for tattoo ink over the years. They produce the finest quality ink from 1998.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional, you can use this ink without any problem. It’s a very long-lasting ink than other common brands. So, you won’t need to bother about fading quickly. 

It comes in a bottle containing 0.5-ounce ink. It’s a pre-dispersed ink. Black onyx is considered to have the highest pigment content. So, the color looks bright and has an awesome flow rate. The pigment isn’t metal-based and is considered vegan-friendly.

Now let me tell you about the elements of this ink’s carrier. Sterile water, isopropyl alcohol, glycerin, and Hamamelis virginiana extract are the elements. You can mix this ink with other colors to get a different color. So, it’s one of the best ink considering all the facts.

Things that impressed me
  • Super long-lasting
  • Usable for Beginners and Professionals
  • Toxic-free
  • High pigment rate
  • Waterproof
  • Vegan friendly
Things that didn’t impress me
  • Dries out fast
  • Poor container

2. Kuro Sumi Tattoo ink

Kuro Sumi Tattoo ink

Are you searching for dark outlining tattoo ink? Then you will definitely like my second-best pick on this list. Karo Sumi tattoo outlining ink is perfect for outlining and so for stick and poke tattoos.

Karo Sumi brand’s ink is extremely popular among professionals. But there is no such saying that beginners can’t use it. Though it is best for outlining, you can use it for shading too.

The size of the ink is 6 ounces. It’s an organic tattoo color. The quality of the ink is very bold, dark, and bright. The thickness of the ink is higher than any other ink. It also provides good longevity for stick and pokes tattoos.

The ink is made from vegan materials. Karo Sumi claims that they don’t use any kind of toxic metal ingredients. They use glycerin, hamamelis virginiana extract, and water as carrier ingredients. 

The color of this outlining ink is deep black. But its base is blue undertone color. That gives a very pleasant vibe look.

My suggestion is before using, please check if this ink has an allergic reaction on your skin.

Things that impressed me
  • Good for lining
  • Super bright
  • Vegan friendly
  • Dark and bold
  • Very thick ink
Things that didn’t impress me
  • Faulty bottle cap
  • Allergic to some person

3. StarBrite Colors Sterilized Tattoo Ink

StarBrite Colors Sterilized Tattoo Ink

My third pick for tattoo ink’s list is StarBrite tattoo ink. In USA Tommy’s supplies manufactures this ink for StarBrite. 

As it is a pre-dispersed ink, it’s the best choice for a stick and pokes tattoo. It comes in a fine bottle that has a shaker ball inside it. The weight of the bottle is 8 ounces and you will get 4 ounces of ink inside the bottle.

The ink’s pure uncut pigments ensure the longevity of the tattoo. The consistency of this ink is thin. You will get a fantastic saturated tattoo with vibrant color.

Sterbrite inks are iron and nickel-free. It is said that these inks are vegan friendly too. Another amazing thing you need to know that Sterbrite ink is sterilized. And this ink passed all the tests to be called safe ink.

Things that impressed me
  • Saturated and vibrant color tattoo
  • Cleanest ink
  • Has a shaker ball inside the bottle
  • Sterilized
Things that didn’t impress me
  • A bit expensive than others

4. Viking Ink – Tattoo Ink – Black Tribal

Viking Ink - Tattoo Ink - Black Tribal

If you are searching for the most consistent ink, then my next recommendation is only for you. Presenting Viking ink’s Black Tribal tattoo ink. This is suitable for stick and poke tattoos and provides a very consistent result.

The black color ink comes in 0.5-ounce size. You can get larger size bottles too. Do you know what’s best about this ink? It’s ultra-fine uncut pure black pigments. It ensures color consistency and longevity. Pigments are metal-free and suitable for vegan people.

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Black tribal ink is very quick and efficient. The difference with other types of inks will be visible with time. You will see that this ink will not fade or turn blue or green. Viking tattoo ink is bright and easy to penetrate.

Things that impressed me
  • Consistent
  • Ultrafine pigments
  • doesn’t fade quickly
Things that didn’t impress me
  • Low thickness
  • Bleed if used in scalp

5. Bloodline Tattoo Ink

Bloodline Tattoo Ink

All-purpose black? Yes! The next serial is an all-purpose black ink which is called Bloodline tattoo ink. It’s the best-selling item and popular among many people for stick and pokes tattoos.

The weight of the ink is 1 ounce. The ink is watery but the color is very bold and dark. 

Bloodline tattoo ink is widely used for stick and poke tattooing. But you can’t use all types of needles. Bloodline tattoo ink is only usable with magnum needle grouping.

If you are planning to make outlines with this tattoo ink, then you can’t use it straight out of the bottle. You have to mix this ink at a 3:1 ratio with distilled water, witch hazel, or Listerine. And you might need to add more carriers for shading. 

This is an organic pigment-based ink. So you can call it a vegan-friendly tattoo ink too. Bloodline ink’s key elements are organic pigment, propylene glycol, sterile water, and alcohol.

Things that impressed me
  • All-purpose black color
  • Dark and bold
  • Organic pigment
Things that didn’t impress me
  • Only usable with magnum needle
  • Watery

6. Dynamic Black Tattoo Lining Tribal Shading Ink

Dynamic Black Tattoo Lining Tribal Shading Ink

The richest ink with good longevity that’s what Dynamic Black tattoo offers. This is one of the best ink for stick and poke tattoos. So, I give it a place in my top 10 list.

Dynamic brand brought this color in 1 ounce size bottle. The color is pure black and great for tattooing. The ink is a thinner blend. That’s why better lining and shading can be done.

As you already know Dynamic offers very rich ink, this rich ink sticks very easily into the skin. So, the result is quite good. You will get a dark, bold color. 

The longevity of this tattoo is quite good too. You don’t have to worry about fading too quickly. It can be blend with premade washes too.

You should test the ink whether it is allergic to you or not before tattooing.

Things that impressed me
  • Very rich ink
  • Easy to use
Things that didn’t impress me
  • Might be allergic to someone
  • Way too watery

7. Millennium Moms Black Pearl Outlining Tattoo Ink

Millennium Moms Black Pearl Outlining Tattoo Ink

You have already seen Millennium Moms product in this top list. This one is another gem of Millennium Moms brand. The black pearl outlining tattoo ink.

The difference between black onyx and black pearl is their type. Onyx is color ink and pearl is outlining ink. I should say black pearl is one of the best outlining ink. Because it uses advanced black lining ink.

The bottle comes with 12 ounces of black ink. Black pearl ink is used worldwide by tattoo artists. This is best for black and gray look which makes the perfect outline.

The ingredients of this ink are pigment black, glycerin, 99% isopropyl alcohol at 11.5%, and water. And the can be perfectly used by vegans as no animal by-products are used to make this ink.

Shades of blue color are added to the ink to add more depth of black. The highest pigment concentration ensures the long-lasting capacity of this ink. 

MOMS black pearl ink is sterilized and has a great flow for stick and poke tattooing. Using this ink is haste-free. 

Things that impressed me
  • Very awesome color
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to use
  • best for outlining
Things that didn’t impress me
  • Should be darker

8. Dynamic Heavy white tattoo ink bottle

Dynamic Heavy white tattoo ink bottle

This one is another white-colored ink that got a place on my list. Dynamic brand offers a wide range of colors for you to make every style of tattoos. From 1990 Dynamic company is producing ink for stick and poke tattoo. The Dynamic heavy white tattoo ink is similar to its black colored ink. 

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Inside the bottle, you will get 1 ounce of ink. This is actually pre-dispersed ink. So you don’t have to worry about your stick and poke tattoo quality. Though this is labeled as professional ink, it can be used by amateurs too.

This ink is vegan friendly like its black-colored version. You can mix this ink with other colors to make your own blend of color.

The quality of this ink is very satisfactory. This ink provides rich and bold results. And the longevity is very high. This ink is also easy to use.

Things that impressed me
  • Pre dispersed ink
  • Use to make color blends
Things that didn’t impress me
  • Watery and thin
  • Healing problem with some person

9. MOM’S Tattoo Ink – Black Onyx (1 Oz.)

MOM'S Tattoo Ink - Black Onyx (1 Oz.)

MOM’s tattoo ink is a consistent ink that will definitely come in handy to you. So, I put it on my list as a good option. It’s a black color ink that you can use for stick and poke tattoos.

Millennium MOMS is a very reputable company. The whole ink production is completed in the USA. Nothing needs to be imported from other countries.

The bottle contains 1 ounce of ink. On my review, I can say it’s a real value for money. The thickness of this ink is pretty satisfactory.

It’s a pre-dispersed ink. The pigment quality of MOMS ink is top-notch. They have the highest pigment content which ensures that you will get a much better color. The ink is produced from organic sources. And it ensures to be vegan friendly. 

This ink is pretty safe to use for you. No metal-based elements are used in this ink. There are reasons to buy this ink. It flows very smoothly and has good staying capability too. The color is vibrant and consistent by nature. 

MOMS black onyx ink becomes darker after healing. So, this can be a good deal for buying.

Things that impressed me
  • Consistent
  • Safe to use
  • Long-lasting
  • High-quality pigments
Things that didn’t impress me
  • Low sheerness
  • Smelly to some person

10. StarBrite Colors Sterilized Tattoo Ink Country Blue

StarBrite Colors Sterilized Tattoo Ink Country Blue

The last one for my list is StarBrite’s tattoo ink. This one comes in country blue color. Previously I talked about StarBrite’s product. So, you already know why this one is picked on my list.

The country blue colored ink comes in a 1 ounce capacity bottle. Let me tell you that it’s pre-dispersed ink. Also well sterilized and tested before bringing to market. So, you can say it’s an ideal ink for stick and poke tattoos.

The element of this ink is very high quality. It is metal base free ink and suitable for vegan people too. The ink maintains thin consistency. The pigment is pure and uncut. So you will get clean ink. And for longevity, it will not disappoint you.

The thickness and sheerness are pretty good than other brands. So, it’s a real value for money.

Things that impressed me
  • Bright color
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Iron and Nickel free
  • Vibrant color
Things that didn’t impress me
  • Some problem with sticking
  • Becomes flakey

How to Purchase the Best Tattoo Ink for Stick and Poke?

You need to consider some facts before purchasing ink for stick and poke tattoos. Tattoo’s quality, longevity, and safety depend on its ink.

Which type is more suitable and which components should get preference? Which provides better value and longevity? You should keep these factors in mind. I always suggest not to buy cheap ink for many reasons. So, let’s see the key factors to consider.

Type of ink: 

You can use 2 types of ink for stick and poke tattoos. One is stable pigment-based ink and another is pre-dispersed ink.

Stable pigment-based inks are not very commonly used nowadays. It was popular a long time ago. You have to mix this ink before using it. This might seem to be a troubling work to some of us.

But, pre-dispersed inks are the better option for stick and poke tattoos. It’s called ready-to-use ink. You won’t need any mixing because it is pre-made ink.

You just have to shake it before using it. So our suggestion is to choose pre-dispersed ink.


Stick and poke tattoo inks are made of pigment+carrier. Pigments are made of vegetables, metal, or plastic-based components. It basically comes as powder particles.

But, the carrier is made from distilled water, alcohol, surfactants, or witch hazel extract. Carriers disinfect the ink solution. Especially I can talk about witch hazel which is an organic solution. It is used for tightening the skin.

This also reduces bleeding, skin redness, and ink rejection. Carriers make sure that ink is pathogens-free. So, I recommend buying inks which are made of good components.


Commonly I see tattoo inks for stick and poke are black in color. But there is no such restriction that other colors can’t be used. Almost all colors are available in the market.


I will say that my suggestion is very clear-cut. Are you going for cheap low-quality ink? Then you have to sacrifice many things like longevity, safety, and others.

I will recommend you to keep a decent budget while buying ink for stick and poke tattoos.

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